38th session Cork Ireland

The page collects all the informative material (presentations, pictures, reports, videos …) of the 38th Biennial Session, Cork, Ireland (2012)

38th session Cork Ireland

For the 38th Biennial Session held in Cork (Ireland), the following informative material was made available:

Videos, manuscripts and PowerPoints of the presentations are available hereby


Session IBWS  – Interbeef Workshop – Workshop to discuss future international collaboration in recording and breeding of beef cattle (28/05/2012)

Valentina Palucci Interbeef pedigreeand performance – Interbull Centre Report
Van Eenennaam, Alison L. Country Report – USA Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Oam Rickards Country Report – Australia Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Country Report – France Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Country Report – Ireland Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Norman Maiwashe Country Report – South Africa
Bruce Holmquist Country Report – Canada
Josef Kucera Country Report – Czech Rep. PowerPoint

Session A1 – Cattle Breeding (28/05/2012)

Jacques Chesnais Genetic improvement: a major component of increased dairy farm profitability. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Stefan Rensing Two years of experience with genomics – how well does it work? Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Timothy Byrne Using preference survey approaches to define breeding goals in the New Zealand dairy industry Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Dan Abernethy The development and implementation of farmer tools designed to support genetic gain and breeding decisions. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Donagh Berry New traits for dairy cattle breeding. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Jennie Pryce Genomics – what does the future hold? Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session A2 – Management & Health (28/05/2012)

George Ramsbottom Using extension to progress genetic improvement on Irish dairy farms. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Kevin Downing Using an integrated database to increase profitability on Dairy farms. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Johannes Frandsen Prognosis of Dairy Production – a tool to improve planning on dairy herds. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Jay Mattison Characteristics of the USA dairy herd as related to management and demographic elements. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Joe O’Flaherty Animal information systems that give rise to increased dairy farm profitability by improving herd and animal health. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Stephen Butler The importance of recording in establishing the value of sexed semen to dairy farmers. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

 Session RLN – Reference Laboratory Network – Conference Meeting (28/05/2012) 

Olivier Leray ICAR Reference Laboratory Network – Objectives & stage of progress. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Silvia Orlandini International survey on somatic cell counting – Situation of lab network organisation and practices. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Olivier Leray PT scheme interlinkage and international laboratory anchorage. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Martin Burke Presentation on Irish milk recording analysis and reference laboratory in the ICAR analytical reference system. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Marion Ferrand Determination of protein composition in milk by mid-infrared spectrometry. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Martino Cassandro Prediction of milk coagulation properties by Fourier Transform Mid‐Infrared Spectroscopy (FTMIR) for genetic purposes, herd management and dairy profitability. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Juan Antonio Fernández Merging of spectral datasets from different MIR instruments used in the routine analysis of milk. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session A3 – Recording on the Farm (28/05/2012) 

Doron Bar Cows can’t talk but we can listen (to their rumination). Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Pieter Hogewerf Smart Dairy Farming, individual attention for care animals. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Kees De Koning The role of new on-farm technologies in dairy herd improvement (DHI) and farm management. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Anders Fogh Use of data from electronic milking meters and perspective in use of other objective measures. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session B1 – Beef & Sheep 1 (29/05/2012) 

Dave Beehan Ireland’s strategy for a more profitable beef & sheep  industry. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Laurent Griffon France’s strategy for a more profitable beef & sheep  industry. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Arthur Rickards Breedplan® Information for Profitable Beef Production. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Patrick Donnellan Ireland’s Beef Breeding Information Service – Beef Herdplus. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Seung-Soo Lee Information system for the profitable semen selection of Hanwoo in Korea. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session B2 – Information for Profitable Beef & Sheep Farming – Breeding & Health (29/05/2012) 

Alison Van Eenennaam How might DNA-based information generate value in the beef cattle sector? Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Robert Williams U.S. genetic trends, production numbers and discussion on how breed association may need to adapt. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Peter Parnell Genetic improvement strategies and successes by Australian Angus breeders. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Joe O’Flaherty Animal Health for Beef. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Bob Webber Feed Efficiency Project. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session B3 – Information for Profitable Beef & Sheep Farming – Strategy & Challenges3 (29/05/2012) 

Richard Wakelin New Zealand’s strategy for a more profitable beef & sheep  industry. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Eamon Wall Challenges facing the viability Sheep Irelands sheep genetic improvement program in the Irish sheep Industry. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Thierry Pabiou Carcass video image in genetic evaluation and breeding programs. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Ross Evans The benefits of using farmer scored traits in beef genetic evaluations Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

 Session IBOM1- Interbull Open Meeting (29/05/2012) 

Karl O’Connell IGenoP. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Joel Ira Weller Predictive ability of selected subsets of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for moderately sized dairy cattle populations. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
John McCarthy Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Irish Milk Production Traits using Random Regression. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Pascal Croiseau Comparison of genomic selection approaches in Brown Swiss within Intergenomics. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Makgahlela Mahlako Comparative assessment of methods for estimating genomic relationships and their use in predictions in an admixed population Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Ulrik Sander Nielsen Effect of genomic pre-selection on the stability of EBV’s from the traditional BLUP procedure for production traits – a practical illustation. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Christian Edel A note on using ‘forward prediction’ to assess precision and bias of genomic predictions. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Minna Koivula Single step genomic evaluations for the NordicRed Dairy cattle test day data. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Daniel Gianola Ensemble-based imputation for genomic selection: an application to Angus cattle. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session IBOM2 –  Interbull Open Meeting – Genomics (29/05/2012) 

Ezequiel Luis Nicolazzi PEDIMPUTE: Imputing genotypes using a fast algorithm combining pedigree and population information
Bevin Harris Large scale one-step genomic evaluation for milk production traits
Paul VanRaden Reliability Increases from Combining 50,000 and 777,000 Marker Genotypes from 4 Countries
Ebba Ansin Epigenetic studies of the ageing process
Raphael Mrode Evaluating the impact of including residual polygenic effects in dairy genomic evaluations using Bayesian methods
Gregor Gorjanc Accuracy of breeding values from pedigree and genome based models in selected populations
Hossein Jorjani Status of genomic evaluations in the Brown Swiss populations
Jan-Thijs van Kaam G-Blup without inverting G

Session IBOM3 – Interbull Open Meeting – Genetic Evaluations (29/05/2012) 

Per Madsen Screening for outliers in multiple trait genetic evaluation
Anna-Maria Tyrisevä Validation of consistency of Mendelian sampling variance in national evaluation models
Kevin Byskov Possibilities of implementing measures from Automatic Milking Systems in routine evaluations of Udder Conformation and Milking Speed
Tom Lawlor Prediction of Overall Conformation from international evaluations for linear type traits
Johanna Häggman The genetic correlations between different claw disorders in Finnish Ayrshire cows
Nicolas Gengler Implementing a national routine genetic evaluation for milk fat compositions as first step towards genomic predictions
Marianne Stoop An all breed genetic evaluation for beef traits in the Dutch/Flemish evaluation
Zengting Liu A multi-parity animal model for genetic evaluation of calving traits enhanced with genomic information

Session IBOM4 – Interbull Open Meeting – Genetic Evaluations (29/05/2012) 

Timo Pitkänen Measurement error variance of test-day observations from automatic milking systems
John McCarthy Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Irish Milk Production Traits using Random Regression
Armelle Govignon-Gion Genetic Evaluation of Mastitis in Dairy Cattle in France
José Antonio Jiménez Montero Genomic evaluation using machine learning algorithms in the Spanish Holstein population
Mathijs van Pelt Developing of a genetic evaluation for calf survival during rearing in The Netherlands

Session P1 – Plenary 1  Sponsored by FBD Trust (30/05/2012) 

Simon Coveney Opening and Overview of Irish Animal Recording. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Andrew Cromie The Contribution of Animal Recording to Profitability on Irish Farms. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Patrick Baier Animal Recording Information for the Herd Consultant. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Sanna Nokka CowCompass Profit Prediction – better use of milk recording data. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
M. A. Samad Khan Recording System of Breeding and Production Performance of Dairy Animal in Bangladesh. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Victor Olori Data recording and profitability in livestock breeding: Lessons from poultry breeding. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session P3 – Plenary 3 (31/05/2012) 

Richard Spelman Application of Genomic Selection in the New Zealand dairy cattle industry. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Jennie Pryce Genotyping dairy females can improve the reliability of genomic selection and provide farmers with new management tools. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Mary McCarthy The Genomics Service operated by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation for dairy farmers. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
John Clay Aiding Selection Decisions for Dairy Females Using Genomics and Sexed Semen. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Roel Veerkamp Selection for feed intake in dairy cattle using genomic selection. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Gary Evans Enhancement of Bovine LD BeadChip and Bovine SNP50 for consolidation of genotype information and improved utility in different cattle breeds. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session P4 – Plenary 4 (01/06/2012) 

Sue DeNise Delivering Valued Genomic Products to Livestock Customers. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Mark Dewdney Evolution of a Modern Herd Improvement Co-operative. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Arthur Rickards Organisational Models for Beef Recording and Genetic Evaluation in Australasia, the Americas and Southern Africa.  Service Provision. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Rob Banks Rationale for public investment in genetic improvement Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Peter Amer Costs and effectiveness of various national cattle breeding structures. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Brian Wickham An information infrastructure for facilitating the delivery of improved profits on Irish cattle farms and improving the commercial viability of the Irish breeding industry. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session PS – Poster Session (29/05/2012) 

Roberta McDonald Characteristics, intentions and expectations of new entrant dairy farmers entering the Irish dairy industry through the New Entrant Scheme. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Jeffrey Bewley Potential utility of a parlor-based individual quarter milking system. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Racine Samba Sow’ Blood groups and proteins polymorphism in Senegalese sheep. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Charlotte Paillette A model of soil nitrogen reserves in an Irish grass sward. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Marion Beecher Do different breeds of dairy cow differ in their ability to digest dietary dry matter? Abstract Poster Manuscript
Jessica Coyne Genetic evaluations of linear type traits in the Irish dairy cattle population. Abstract Poster Manuscript
David Lawrence The effect of offering two levels of concentrate, at a variable and flat rate, on total mixed ration intake. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Cristina Hurtado-Uria Grass growth model evaluation to manage grass supply on farm in the south of Ireland. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Samy Mohamed Genetic characteristics of Egyptian buffalo using DNA microsatellite markers. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Elodie Ganche Grazing severity in early lactation: effects on immediate and total lactation dairy cow performance. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Valentina Palucci Interbull Data Exchange Area – IDEA. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Muireann Conneely Factors associated with the concentration of Immunoglobulin G in the colostrum of Irish dairy cows. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Deirdre Purfield Genetic parameter estimates of perinatal mortality in Irish beef and dairy herds. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Elodie Ruelle Developing a dynamic, mechanistic model of a dairy cattle. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Paul Edwards The collection of data from milk meters for use in research. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Anthony Doran Genome-Wide Associations for Carcass Traits in Irish Holstein-Friesian Cattle. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Brian Meredith Investigation of the genetic basis of bovine somatic cell score and milk production traits using genome-wide association data. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Bruce Moran Investigating the hepatic transcriptome in dairy cattle with divergent genetic merit for fertility traits using Next Generation Sequencing. Abstract Poster Manuscript
Michael Murphy A dynamic artificial neural network for the prediction of milk yields from dairy cattle. Abstract Poster Manuscript

 Session T1 – Technical 1 (30/05/2012) 

Timothy Byrne Using preference survey approaches to define breeding goals. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Tracey Pritchard Recording of health and fertility to reduce costs. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Carel Muller Using farmers’ records to determine genetic parameters for fertility traits for South African Holstein cows. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Kathrin F. Stock Survey on the recording and use of functional traits in dairy cattle management and breeding. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Noirin Mc Hugh Calf price impacts dairy farm profit too. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Gregor Gorjanc Partitioning international genetic trends by origin in Holstein bulls. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Filippo Miglior Genetic evaluations for resistance to mastitis and other diseases in Canada. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session T2 – Technical 2 (30/05/2012) 

Pieter Hogewerf Radio frequency identification of animals, the quality of products in the field. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Sven Hüther Practical experiences of the code structure of animal electronic identification over all species. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Ken Evers The Australian experience on animal RFID systems. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Jean-Michel Philipot An innovative tool for monitoring and phenotyping in cattle : Heatime-Ruminact®. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Ivan Andonovic “Silent Herdsman”: A Scalable Approach to Heat Detection. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Edmond Harty Dairymaster MooMonitor – The app for heat detection and results of on-farm studies. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session T3 – Technical 3 (30/05/2012) 

Mike Lynch Integrated database. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Betka Logar Information solutions to support dairy cattle production in Slovenian cattle population. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Bert Ipema Towards an open development environment for recording and analysis of dairy farm data. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Bert Van ‘t Land VeeManager 3.0: CRVs way of combining web-based herd management software, on-farm devices and highly qualified services to make the farmers life more convenience. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Justin Frankfort Why Milk Recording is seen as critical to third parties in the UK, as a revenue stream. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Jacob Van der Westhuizen New developments in using Milk Recording Information in South Africa. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Bartlett, Ben Integrating milk recording data and disease test results to provide a system for the management of Paratuberculosis in UK dairy herds. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session T4 – Technical 4 (30/05/2012) 

Brian Coughlan Implementation of Electronic DIY (EDIY) Milk Recording. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Steven Sievert Using farm-based software for routine monitoring of milking system performance and validation of the data acceptability for use in herd recording programs. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Clément Allain Computerized solutions for periodic checking of electronic milk meters. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Xavier Bourrigan Analysis of the accuracy of protocols in robotic milking herds for estimation of 24-hour fat and protein percent to determine a new protocol. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Mauro Fioretti A new tool for beef performance recording in Italy. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session T5 – Technical 5 (31/05/2012) 

David Saunier New Interface to exchange data in the Farm:  Ori-Automate By FCEL and Valacta. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Folkert Onken DLQ data portal – a communication tool for an efficient data transfer. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Johannes Frandsen Key Point Indicators Check – a Benchmarking sytem. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Steven Smith Cohort Analysis: A unique method of evaluating the performance of dairy herds. Conduct analyses of subgroups, trends, relationships, and effects of herd and feed management changes on cow performance. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Philip Dukas Use of Smartphone and Tablet Technology in Moving Herd Recording into a Mobile Environment. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
CSS Rao Electronic identification and management system for livestock with ownership interface and e-governance. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session T6 – Technical 6 (31/05/2012) 

Kirsty Moore Using Video Image Analysis (VIA) data to produce UK beef carcass trait genomic evaluations. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Niels Henning Nielsen Logistics of the milksample – data and milk, with focus on additional services on recording samples. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Hiemke Knijn “Nutrition Management Module” with a new detection method for subclinical ketosis via milk recording samples. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Todd Byrem The detection of pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in routine milk recording samples as an indicator of pregnancy in dairy cattle. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Sophie Mattalia French experiences with agreement of genotyping laboratories participating to the official genomic evaluation of dairy cattle. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

Session T7 – Technical 7 (01/06/2012) 

Stephen Potterton Sheep Ireland Commercial Flock Recording. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Virginie Clément Consequences of a simplified milk recording method on estimation of lactation yields and genetic evaluations for dairy traits in goats. Clément, Carillier, Piacère, Robert-Granié, Larroque. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Antonello Carta Relationships between somatic cell count and production traits in the Sarda dairy sheep breed. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Sotero Salaris Fine mapping of QTLs and genomic selection for production traits in an experimental population of Sarda dairy sheep. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript
Francis Barillet Genomic selection in French Lacaune and Manech dairy sheep breeds : comparison of BLUP and GBLUP accuracies. Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript

General Assembly

J.M. Astruc Report of the Working Group on Performance Recording of Dairy Sheep Abstract PowerPoint Manuscript


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