Certificate of Quality

This page provides more details about the Certificate of Quality and the necessary steps to grant it

Certificate of Quality – Introduction

1. Preamble

ICAR General Assembly in June 2006 approved the new programme called ICAR Certificate of Quality for acknowledgement of services provided by its member organizations. The new Certificates totally replaces the ICAR Special Stamp which phased out by July 2009.

2. Benefits

The introduction of the Certificate of Quality enhances and expands the benefits offered by the previous program, called “Special stamp”. The benefits to organisations will include:

  • A unique mark identifying product and service quality for customers which meets or exceeds the published ICAR
  • A marketing tool for organisations which will identify their conformance with internationally recognised standards
  • A time-sensitive approval period which will ensure to customers that the service provider has routinely met the ICAR criteria thereby providing enhanced confidence in the quality of service or product received.
  • A mark of the demonstrated leadership of ICAR in the international marketplace through the provision of value-added services for its members.

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