ICAR/IDF Webinar on “Frameworks for animal welfare assessment” – Feb. 2021

This page contains the video and and the PPT presentations of the ICAR and IDF webinar on “Frameworks for animal welfare assessment and meeting stakeholder needs” held on on 24 February 2021. Information about the webinar, were contained in the specific brochure that has been prepared and made available here


15:00 – Introduction.
Marie Haskell, ICAR Working Group on Functional Traits, SRUC, UK

15:10 – International framework for outcome-based measures used to assess animal welfare.
Leopoldo Stuardo, Standards Department, World Organisation of Animal Health, OIE

15:25 – ISO/TS 34700, an ISO standard on animal welfare for the food supply chain, based on the OIE Terrestrial Code.
Sandrine Espeillac, ISO/TC 34 Food Products, AFNOR standardization

15:40 – Animal Welfare: The importance of global harmonization to help improve Animal Welfare practices across the food supply chain.
Quincy Lissau, SSAFE.

15:55 – How to improve animal welfare and health by using relevant data.
Johannes Frandsen, SEGES, DK

16:10 – Discussion and questions

16:30 – Closing of the webinar

Moderator: David Kelton, IDF, University of Guelph, Canada


Animal welfare has always been a cornerstone of good dairy farm practice. Increasingly, the quantification of the level of welfare on farms is necessary for assurance schemes for producers, retailers, consumers and the public. Welfare indicators have been developed by many different research and industry groups, often with different purposes and frameworks.

However, in some cases, cows on the same farm are assessed by many organisations using indicators for different purposes. Milk processors may also be supplying retailers with different requirements. To make the most efficient use of assessment effort, welfare indicators could be harmonised across schemes and integrated so that all organisations can make use of the information.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss current frameworks and how integration and harmonisation of indicators might be achieved. This webinar is part of a series of webinars in cooperation with ICAR and IDF.

It will focus on existing frameworks, needs and expectations from the perspective of organisations using such parameters for herd managment and other programs to improve animal health, welfare and food safety.



Leopoldo Stuardo, OIE

Leopoldo is a Chilean veterinarian, working at national and international level dealing with sanitary negotiations on animal welfare. Leopoldo has been developed these activities at the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, at the Chilean Mission to the European Union in Brussels and at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in Paris.


Sandrine Espeillac, ISO

Sandrine is a food engineer, currently head of the food department in Afnor, the French organization for standardization. She is also the secretary of the ISO committee on Food Products and she represents ISO in Codex Alimentarius and in OIE and she is the secretary of the ISO working group on animal welfare.


Himanshu Gupta, SSAFE

Himanshu, Vice-President of SSAFE, is a Veterinarian working in Regulatory and Scientific Affairs and public policy advocacy. Working for Nestlé in the South Asia Region in milk procurement and dairy farmer engagement, Regulatory and Scientific affairs, and policy advocacy. For the past 6 years, he is actively engaged in various Codex committees and various other international standards setting bodies such as OIE and ISO.


Johannes Frandsen, SEGES

Johannes is the responsible for the Danish Cattle database and management systems, a database used by 95% of the Dairy farmers in Demark, and most advisors and Veterinarians. The main focus is to work with data, their collecting from different sources, validation and secure their optimal quality. He is in addition member of the ICAR ADE WG and involved in the new established iDDEN cooperation.

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