Theatre presentations at the Pretoria Symposium

The page presents the PDF files of the presentations had at the FAO-ICAR African Symposium on “Animal identification and recording (AIR) systems for traceability and livestock development in sub-Saharan Africa”,  held on 14-16 April 2015 in Pretoria (South Africa)

Developed documents

Opening Ceremony – Chair: T. Takavarasha (FAO Representative in South Africa)

Welcoming remarks – T. Takavarasha, FAO Representative

Welcoming remarks – M. Burke, ICAR Secretary

Opening speech by Hon S. Zokwana, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Session 1: International Agreements, Standards and Regulations on AIR – Chair: E. Vries (Director General, DAFF)

Program, objectives and expected outputs – B. Besbes (FAO)

OIE standards on animal identification and traceability and level of compliance with these standards in Africa – M. Letshwenyo (OIE)

Animal identification and traceability and international trade: The African perspectives – A. Toto (SATOTO Livestock Projects)

ICAR standards and on animal identification and performance recording and level of their application in Africa – K. Ilves (ICAR)

Group Discussion – C. Ly (FAO) 

Session 2: Status and trends in AIR in Africa – Chair: J. Nduwimana (Permanent Secretary of MoA, Burundi)

Are animal identification, traceability and health and performance recording an issue/priority in Africa? – J. Wabacha (AU-IBAR)

Animal identification and traceability of transhumant pastoralists in the Horn of Africa – A.S. Woldemariam (IGAD)

Status of development of animal identification, traceability and performance recording in different commodity chains (beef, dairy, small ruminants)
South Africa
sub‐Saharan Africa

Group Discussion – A. Toto (SATOTO Livestock Projects)

Wednesday 15 April

Session 3: Use of AIR for traceability, animal health, livestock breeding and management to ensure food safety and security – Chair: I. Hoffmann (Chief, FAO)

FAO for development of integrated and multipurpose animal recording systems – B. Besbes (FAO)

AIR for animal disease prevention and control – P. Calistri (COVEPI)

AIR for animal breeding and farm management – O. Mwai (ILRI)

AIR – Interbull’s and Interbeef’s potential services for African countries – J. van der Westhuizen (SASB)

Group Discussion – M. Burke (ICAR)

Session 4: AIR – tools and technology – Chair: U. Ushewokunze-Obatolu (Chief Veterinary Officer, Zimbabwe)

Current tools and technologies for AIR and their appropriateness in the African context – what tool for what purpose? – D. Ferguson (Consult IT)

Current tools and technologies for AIR in the dairy chain – C. Banga (ARC)

Information system technology for interoperable animal identification, traceability and health and performance recording – M. Burke (ICAR)

Information and Communication Technology for integrated animal identification, traceability, and performance and health recording for smallholder production systems – the case of NDDB in India – K. Trivedi (NDDB)

Animal identification and recording for animal tracking and disease control, the Australian experience – K. Evers (DEPI)

Group Discussion – N. Maiwashe (ARC)

Thursday 16 April

Session 5: AIR – tools and technology: the industry’s views – Chair: C. Uys (President, SASB)

African Livestock, which one, where & when: Practical pointers – S. Ward (Allflex)

Livestock identification in Africa: the tool box – J. Bolscher (Datamars)

Requirements on reliable solutions for livestock identification systems – H. Winkeler (Caisley)

Genomics: A Paradigm Shift in Animal Breeding – A. Eggen (Illumina)

Practical live history recording of livestock to central database in Africa – R. Cloete (GMP)

Poster Session – Oral presentations

Livestock identification and recording on Africa

BREEDPLAN: the most world’s widely used genetic evaluation system for beef cattle

SILAB for Africa: a LIMS for African Country and AIR traceability system

Adding value to data emanating from routine animal recording recording process

SA Stud Book

Zimbabwe Cattle Traceability Scheme

Session 6: Planning and Economics of AIR – Chair: Dr. B. M. Modisane (Chief Director, DAFF)

Costs and benefits of animal identification and traceability along the agrifood supply chain – H. Katjiuongua (ILRI)

Costs and benefits of AIR for animal health – C. De Haan (Intl. Cons.)

Costs and benefits of animal identification and performance recording – F. Maré (Univ. of the Free State)

Sustainability of AIR in smallholder farming in Africa – A. Toto (SATOTO Livestock Projects)

Group Discussion – F. Schmidtt (ADT Projekt)

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