Interbeef webinar 10 December 2020

On December 10th, the Interbeef Working Group organised a webinar on “Interbeef: working together on national and international evaluations for beef cattle”, scheduled on 10 December (h. 11.30-13.00 Paris time). The video of the webinar and the presented slides are presented in this page

The brochure presenting the webinar and containing further information can be downloaded here


The initiative is an informative webinar, targeting countries and/or organizations that are interested in developing national and/or international evaluations for beef and dairy beef cattle. During the webinar, it will give an overview of the current Interbeef services, including plans for the future, in the areas of new traits, breeds and future genomic evaluations.

Through different presentations, the webinar will draw on the direct experiences of established and also new members, as well as provide insights into the steps required for a potential new member to become involved in the services.


Moderators: Andrew Cromie (Ireland) and Romain Santilan (France)

•  11.30 Agenda and Welcome. Andrew Cromie (Ireland). Chair of Interbeef Working Group.

•  11.40 Interbeef; Past, present & future. Thierry Pabiou (Ireland).

•  12.05 Interbeef; Experiences of a founding member (Denmark, Finland & Sweden). Emma Carlen, Sweden.

•  12.15 Interbeef; Experiences of a new member (Slovenia). Barbara Lustrek, Slovenia.

•  12.25 Interbeef; Next steps for potential new members. Alexis Michenet/Simone Savoia (Interbull Centre).

•  12.35 Q&A.

•  12.55 Closing remarks. Romain Santilan (France). Chair of Interbeef Technical Group.

•  13.00 Closing of the webinar

Interbeef at a glance

  • Interbeef is a Working Group of ICAR, with the objective of developing and promoting national and international evaluations of beef and dairy beef cattle.
  • The services are based on participating organizations, sharing phenotypes and pedigree to assist in the provision of the services.
  • The services to the members are then offered by the Interbull Centre, based in Uppsala, Sweden.
  • The current membership (at December 2020) includes 14 countries, 5 breeds (Charolais, Limousin, Simmental, Angus and Hereford), with a total of 42 million phenotypes in our services.



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