Abstracts and presentations Edinburgh 2017

The page contains the Abstracts and the Presentations of the 41st ICAR Conference held in Edinburgh (UK), 14-16 June 2017.

The Proceedings of the Conference, entitled “Big ideas for big data”, are available here. The Proceedings have been published within the ICAR Technical Series (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-18-9)


  • ICAR General Assembly
  • Local host welcome session; Gwyn Jones – Chairman AHDB Dairy; Professor Wayne Powell – Principal and Chief Executive of SRUC Gene editing farmed livestock – Chris Proudfoot

Plenary 1 – Legal implications of data provision services – Chaired by Brian Wickham

  • Data protection aspects by merging cattle data of various origins
    R. Knyrim, E. Dolamic, M. Mayerhofer, M. Koblmüller, J. Perner, R. Janacek, G. Schoder, F. Gstöttinger, R. Weissensteiner, B. Fürst-Waltl, M. Schagerl, H. Eder, C. Egger-Danner
Abstract Presentation
  • A computerized consent management tool for breeders: why, how?
    B. Balvay, L. Journaux
Abstract Presentation 
  • A Central Database for the Australian Dairy Industry
    S. Jenkins, T. Francis
Abstract Presentation
  • Smart Dairy Farming 3.0: multiplying innovations on the farmyard
    B. van’t Land, G. Smeenk, H. Lucas, A. Lamers
Abstract Presentation


Session 1 Robots, Sensors and ICAR – Chaired by Dave Ross

Automating the dairy farmer? Understanding the barriers to uptake and use of precision technology in dairy systems
D. McConnell
Abstract Presentation
Use of daily robotic progesterone data for improving fertility traits in Finnish Ayrshire
J. Häggman, J. Christensen, J. Juga
Abstract Presentation
Collecting milking speed data as part of official milk recording
R.H. Fourdraine, H. Adams, A. Coburn
Abstract Presentation
bjective carcass measurement to improve lean meat yield and eating quality in Australian beef, sheep and pork
D. Brown, D. Pethick, P. McGilchrist, C. Ruberg, W. Pitchford, R. Apps, G. Gardner
Abstract Presentation
Towards a robust protocol for enteric methane measurements using a hand held Laser Methane Detector in Ruminants
T. Bruder, B. Rouille, T. Yan, M. Chagunda
Abstract Presentation
Sharing data through an API platform API AGRO
E. Rehben, B. Balvay, T. Haezebrouck
Abstract Presentation


Manufacturers’ Showcase and carry-over effects – Chaired by Steven Sievert

  • Milk sample carry over in the field identifying and resolving the challenges
    J. Frankfort
Abstract Presentation
  • Practical Considerations to Reduce Carry-Over in Design of Recording and Sampling Devices
    J. Baines
Abstract Presentation
  • The new CombiFoss™ 7 DC Differential Somatic Cell Count and other Advancements in Milk Testing
    D. Schwarz
Abstract Presentation
  • Employing high resolution big data for predictive modelling in precision dairy farming
    G. Katz
Abstract Presentation
  • Evaluation of a new qPCR test to specify reasons for total bacterial count in bulk tank milk
    S. Sigurdsson, L.Olesen, A. Pedersen, J. Katholm
Abstract Presentation
  • Update from IDEXX: Assessing the impact of carry-over in routine DHI milk samples when offering additional testing services (Pregnancy, Johne’s, Mastitis etc) through DHI laboratories
    H. Pearse
Abstract Presentation
  • Update from Bentley Instruments: Latest innovations for the monitoring of milk hygienic quality, methods automation and standardization
    P. Broutin
Abstract Presentation
  • Practical applications of fatty acid data for the improvement of dairy cattle production and prevention of health issues in transition cows
    W. Beukema, D. Barbano, R. Grant, H. M. Dann
Abstract Presentation



Plenary 2 – The future of ICAR under alternative phenotyping strategies – Chaired by Mike Coffey

  • Delivering value added services to a diverse customer base
    A. Coburn
Abstract Presentation
  • Agrimetrics Data Platform Harnessing and merging big data
    D. Flanders, M. Coffey
Abstract Presentation
  • Debate with audience participation on Plenary 2 topic Chaired by M. Coffey
Abstract Presentation


Session 3 – Integrating data to provide added value services – topping up from other data sources – Chaired by Eileen Wall

  • Predict, Prescribe, Perform: integrating traditional and new data sources to enable Smart Herd Management
    S. van der Beek, H. Knijn, D. Zouari
Abstract Presentation
  • The DataGene Herd Test Dashboard
    T. Francis, M. Humphris, R. Morris, T. Sargent, R. Shephard
Abstract Presentation
  • Genetic evaluation for claw health traits as part of the integrated system for health monitoring in German Holstein dairy cattle
    K. Stock, H. Swalve, R. Schafberg, V. Müller-Rätz, F. Reinhardt
Abstract Presentation
  • GenoEx Update
    B. van Doormaal
Abstract Presentation
  • Cow Own Worth synergising data to provide a new tool to aid in culling decisions in seasonal dairy herds
    M. Kelleher, D.P. Berry, P.R. Amer, A. Cromie, R. Evans
Abstract Presentation
  • Association between milk fatty acids in early lactation and subsequent reproductive performance of modern high-yielding dairy cows
    S. Jorjong, G. Opsomer, J. Chen, A. T. M. van Knegsel, B. Kemp, V. Fievez
Abstract Presentation


Session 4 – Impact of genomic services on performance recording organisations – Chaired by Brian van Doormaal

  • Possible principles for breed association models in the genomics era, with reference to beef cattle and sheep breeds
    R. Banks
Abstract Presentation
  • Data collection methods used in the Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) and the development of Restful API’s for recording herd data
    C. Vigors
Abstract Presentation
  • A Star Tech, The Final Front-MIR: Estimated breeding values for mid-infrared derived predictions of energy traits in dairy cows
    S. Smith, V. Hicks, M. Coffey, M. Winters, E Wall
Abstract Presentation
  • Implementation of genomic selection in small populations – Croatian case
    M. Špehar, Z. Ivkić, M. Dražić, Z. Barać
Abstract Presentation
  • Designing a reference population to accelerate genetic gains for novel traits in Canadian Holstein
    F. Miglior, L. Brito, P. Martin, J. Jamrozik, F. S. Schenke2, A. Canovas, X. Zhao, C. F. Baes
Abstract Presentation
  • Interbeef Update
    A. Cromie
Abstract Presentation


Session 5 – Methods to gather new phenotypes – Chaired by Roel Veerkamp

  • Prediction of energy status of dairy cows using MIR milk spectra
    C. Grelet, A. Vanlierde, M. Salavati, Hostens, L. Foldager, F. Dehareng, J. Katholm
Abstract Presentation
  • Body weight prediction and genetic parameter estimation based on type traits in Italian Holstein cows
    R. Finocchiaro, J. van Kaam, M.Marusi, M. Cassandro
Abstract Presentation
  • Lactose in milk – How can lactose concentration data be beneficial in management and breeding?
    P. Løvendahl, M. Riis Weisbjerg
Abstract Presentation
  • Individual methane prediction from milk MIR spectra, across multiple breeds, lactation stages, parities and country-specific dairy farming systems
    A. Vanlierde, N. Gengler, H. Soyeurt, C. Martin, E. Lewis, F. Grandl, M. Kreuzer, B. Kuhla, P. Lund, C. Ferris, C. Bertozzi, F. Dehareng
Abstract Presentation
  • Targeted combination of estimated breeding values for lower accuracy mid-infrared biomarkers increases their usefulness in genetic evaluation of dairy cattle
    N. Gengler, GplusE Consortium
Abstract Presentation
  • Genetic analyses of ketosis and a newly developed risk indicator in Fleckvieh, Braunvieh and German Holstein
    H. Hamann, A. Werner, L. Dale, P. Herold
Abstract  Presentation
  • Collection and use of new phenotypes in Germany
    T. Hauck
Abstract Presentation
  • Effectiveness of mid infrared spectroscopy to predict milk phosphorus content
    M. Gelé, L. Brun-Lafleur, A. Boudon, P. Gaignon, T. Le Mouël, C. Hurtaud
Abstract Presentation


Technical Tour #1 – Visit to the milk analysis laboratories (NMR – NML)

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