Voluntary sampling of ICAR certified ID devices

The voluntary sampling of ICAR certified ID devices  is a service for national Competent Authorities or other service users, other than manufacturers or their agents. The service is an independent quality verification service to ensure that devices available in the relevant market(s) remain compliant with the appropriate ISO and ICAR test protocols.

Note: the voluntary sampling does not lead to certification of the devices.

The complete protocol for the validation can be found here. A summary of the procedure is presented below.


Summary of procedure

  • The applicant is requested to fill the application form D1 (available here), sign it and email to both manufacturers@icar.org and to secretariat@icar.org.
  • ICAR prepares the invoice to be paid by the applicant before the test starts.
  • The sample devices are collected from the local market stock by the applicant – not by the manufacturer.
  • After receipt of the samples by the test laboratory, ICAR notifies the respective manufacturer about the sampling request.
  • Devices are tested against the current ICAR standards and the results compared with original or earlier results for the same devices by a certified laboratory designated by ICAR. The applicant may also request or specify additional test protocols, provided these are defined in other existing ISO or ICAR higher level test protocols.
  • The test results are compiled into a confidential report, which is property of the applicant.
  • ICAR will not disclose information about which devices are being or have been tested from which countries/markets..

For more information, please feel free to contact the ICAR Secretariat:

  • Process issues
    Andie Dimitriadou
  • Payments
    Yvonne de Gier

ICAR, Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, 3511 MJ Utrecht, The Netherlands - Email: icar@icar.org