Conventional ear tags for bovine and ovine

This page lists the conventional ear tags certified by ICAR for device composition and environmental performance according to ICAR standards. Certification is valid for five years from the last date of issuance.

ICAR certified conventional ear tags with machine readability certified for bovine and ovine

Manufacturer Product name Listed as suitable for Date of latest certification (dd/mm/yyyy) Picture (Click to enlarge) Certification code Notes
Zorya Animal ID (JSC “Kyiv Polygraphic Factory Zorya”) Ear tag 6178 Bovine 21/05/2019 A065
ZTown Development ZD Flex XL Bovine 04/04/2019 A064
Allflex Ultra Senior Button Bovine 26/09/2017 A058
 ZTown Development  ZD-Flex S Plus Genos Ovine  05/07/2017  A055
 ZTown Development  ZD-Flex L Genos Bovine  05/07/2017 A054
ARDES Visual ear tag for cattle Bovine 27/06/2017 A053
Capable Group B-kz Ovine 08/05/2017 A052 A052
Destron Fearing ST2 Ovine 14/04/2017 A008
Capable Group A-kz Bovine 07/04/2017 A051
Allflex Blue Helix Senior laser Bovine 05/12/2016 a046-blue-helix-senior-laser A046
Allflex Blue Helix Senior laser+ink jet Bovine 05/12/2016 a047-blue-helix-senior-laser-inkjet A047
Allflex Blue Helix Sheep small 17 Ovine 05/12/2016 a048-blue-helix-sheep-small-17 A048
Allflex Ultra Senior laser and laser + ink jet printing Bovine 27/09/2016 A001 A001
Allflex Ultra Sheep17 Ovine 27/09/2016 A006 A006
Kupsan Tag Kupsan BM 200 Bovine 11/08/2016 A40 A040
Plastifran B.V. (Up to Jan. 2019 Schippers Europe BV) F6074M6057MP Bovine 22/07/2016 A039 A039
Kupsan Tag Company BKM500 Ovine 05/07/2016 A038 A038
Felixcan S.L. Bovine 27/06/2016 A037 A037
Allflex Europe S.A.S. TST Ultraflex Senior Junior laser+inkjet Bovine 21/06/2016 A036 A036
Allflex Europe S.A.S. TST Ultraflex Senior Junior laser Bovine 21/06/2016 A035 A035
Allflex Europe S.A.S. TST Ultraflex Senior Senior laser + inkjet Bovine 21/06/2016 A034 A034
Yangzhou Huamu Technology Co., Ltd. (previously to Feb. 2019: Baoying Chengdong Society Welfare Factory) HME 4338 Sheep and Goat Ovine 20/06/2016 A033 A033
Allflex TST Ultraflex Senior Senior laser Bovine 30/05/2016 A032 A032
Datamars SA Large flag Bovine 02/11/2015 A028_Low A028
Datamars SA  Datamars Ovine  16/10/2015 A026_low A027
ZTown ZD-flex S plus Ovine 30/09/2015 T030_low A026
Ztown Llp. ZD Flex L Bovine 20/08/2015 T031_low A025
Datamars SA Large Flag Bovine  20/08/2015 T035_Low A024
H. Hauptner und Richard Herbeholz GmBH & Co. Neoflex 7267 Bovine 09/01/2018 A018 A018
Gepe-Geimuplast GmbH Boss Bovine 07/07/2017   A012
Allflex Ultra senior + Ultra junior Bovine 01/03/2017 A011
Allflex Ultra small sheep 17 Ovine 01/03/2017 A010
Destron Fearing ST2MM Ovine 02/02/2017 A009 A009
Destron Fearing ST3/4 Bovine 02/02/2017 A005 A005
Caisley FlexoPlus Bovine 09/11/2016 A003 A003
Destron Fearing ST4NL Bovine 02/02/2017 A002


Conventional ear tags not certified for machine readability for bovine and ovine

Manufacturer Product name Listed as suitable for Date of latest certification (dd/mm/yyyy) Picture (Click to enlarge) Certification code Notes
Karetag Küpe Yazilim Plastik  KRT BBS100 Bovine 16/02/2016 A031 A031
Intelitec Visual ear tag Bovine 10/02/2016 A030 A030
Karetag Küpe Yazilim Plastik KRT KBMS 200 Ovine 10/11/2015 A029 A029
Felixcan S.L. Ovine 07/06/2015 A023 A023
Ilkim Makina Kalipm Plastik Firça IKPE300 small Ovine 15/01/2015 A022 A022
Datamars SA M2L-F3S Bovine 25/01/2019 A060
Datamars SA M1-F3S Ovine 25/01/2019 A059


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