For acknowledging relevant personalities in the animal production sectors, ICAR annually delivers three different classes of awards as follow:

 President Award

During the last 35th ICAR Session held in Kuopio, Finland, the ICAR Board established the President’s Award as a recognition for the outstanding expertise of an industry professional or at a research about ICAR activities.

The President shall present maximum up to one award a year. Nominations for the President’s Award shall be submitted to ICAR Secretariat in order to be eligible for consideration. The selection of the President’s Award shall be made by a committee composed of the President, one Vice-President and the Chief Executive.

Distinguished Service Award

Taking into account that the ICAR activities are largely based on the voluntary work of individual professionals retiring from Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces and considering that their contribution deserves public acknowledgement, the ICAR Board established the Distinguished Service Award to be presented by the ICAR Board to all outgoing Chairmen of Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces upon the completion of their terms of office.

The Distinguished Service Award will be presented at member’s final meeting where possible by President of ICAR. The members receiving the Distinguished Service Award will be published in the ICAR Newsletter and placed on the ICAR web site.

The Secretariat will inform the employer of persons which received the Distinguished Service Award, accordingly.

Distinguished Certificate Award

In recognition of the particular voluntary services given to ICAR activities, the Distinguished Certificate Award will be given to outstanding members of Sub-Committees and Working Groups upon the completion of their terms of office.


In the past, the awards were delivered as reported:

President’s Award
  • 2018 – Steven Sievert
  • 2017 – Uffe Lauritsen
  • 2016 – Brian van Doormaal
  • 2015  – Christa Egger-Danner
  • 2014  – Milan Zjalic
  • 2013  –  Christian Baumgartner
  • 2012  –  Frank Armitage
  • 2011  –  Badi Besbes
  • 2010  –  Ole Klejs Hansen
  • 2009  –  Brian Wickham
  • 2008  –  Joseph Crettenand
  • 2007  –  Jean Stoll
  • 2006  –  Olivier Leray


Distinguished Service Awards
  • 2018 – Hans Wilmink, Gavin Scott and Gordon Doak
  • 2017 – Erik Rehben
  • 2016  – Marco Winters, Ken Evers, Suzanne Harding, Wim van Haeringen, Badi Besbes, Jean-Michel Astruc, Zravko Barac and Marco Antonini
  • 2015  –  Christian Baumgartner, Badi Besbes , Martin Burke, Clara Diaz, Kaivo Ilves
  • 2014  –  Pierre-Louis Gastinel, Uffe Lauritsen, Reinhard Reents
  • 2013  –  Daniel Abernethy, Ole K. Hansen, Laurent Journaux
  • 2012  –  Paolo Ajmone Marsan, Olivier Leray, Erling Strandberg
  • 2011  –  Filippo Miglior
  • 2010  –  Dick Koorn and Dainis Rungulis
  • 2009  –  Japie van der Westhuizen and Drago Kompan
  • 2008  –  Frank Armitage, Freddy Fikse, Alain Malafosse and Guido Ongaro
  • 2007  –  Hans Wilmink and David Hewitt
  • 2006  –  Jarmo Juga, Jean-Claude Mocquot, Reinhard Pauw, Erik Rehben and Jean Stoll


Distinguished Certificate Award
  • 2018 -Alfred de Vries, Derrik Friggot, Jan-Ake Erikson, Jay Mattison, Karl Zottl, Marj Faust, Pascal Savary, Roger Trewella, Snorri Sigurdsson, Ulrich Janowitz, and Zdravko Barac
  • 2017 – Andreas Werner, Daniel Abernethy, David Barboza, Franz-Josef Romberg, Henry Richardson, Jan-Ake Erikson, Japie van der Westhuizen, Karl Zottl, Pierre van Royen and Susan Tellez
  • 2016 – Hélène Leclerc
  • 2015  – Lucy Andrews, Ephraim Ezra, James Godfrey, Silvia Orlandini
  • 2014  –  Francis Barlillet, Egil Brenne, Juraj Candràk, Jan Floor, Bevin Harris, David Hewitt, Dan Meihak, Georges Psathas, Franz Schallerl
  • 2013  –  Hans Graser, Ernst Bohlsen, Brent Woodward, Ian Davison
  • 2012  –  Mark Adam, Moises Asparin, Fabrizio Castagnetti, Gerben De Jong, Eduardo Frank, Elena Genzini, Neil Petreny, Hans Wilminck
  • 2011  –  Gerben De Jong, Mauro Fioretti, Zengting Liu, Sophie Mattalia, Larry Schaeffer and Paul VanRaden
  • 2010  –  Pierre Billon, Louise Marguin and Bill Montgomery
  • 2009  –  Dorota Krencik and Peter J. Bailey

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