Informations on Measuring, Recording and Sampling Devices Sub-Committee

Aims of the Sub-Committee

  • Provide a forum for ICAR members to collaborate, exchange information and learn from each other on all aspects of recording and sampling devices used on cattle, sheep, goats and buffalo.
  • Maintain, update, promote and extend universal guidelines for evaluating and certifying recording devices including on-farm milk recording devices, devices for recording animal weight, devices for body condition recording, and other devices as deemed important to the work of ICAR members.
  • Develop, provide and promote a system and standards for recording and sampling devices testing and evaluation that includes review, official testing and certification of devices.
  • Facilitate and coordinate international communication and collaboration in research and development on recording and sampling devices such as carry-over impact, computerized solutions, and sensor device data inclusion.
  • Collaboration with other ICAR Sub-Committees and Working Groups to support the aims of these groups.


The following is the composition of the Sub-Committee

Steven J. Sievert
National DHIA & DHIA Services

Steven Sievert

Steven J. Sievert ,
Chairman of the SC

Richard Cantin
Lactanet Canada
Justin Frankfort
Alain Gastebled
Peter Huijsmans
(The Netherland)
Peter Huijsmans
Kirsi Leppikorpi
Jonas Persson
Viking Danmark

Hubert Rothfuss
LKV Niedersachsen

Andrew Scott
(New Zealand)

Andie Dimitriadou
ICAR Secretariat


Test Centres

The ICAR Test Centres for the approval of recording devices are:


Test Centre de l’Institute de l’Elevage (France)
headed by Clement Allain


Co-Head: Guillaume Hamon

Clement Allain

Test Centre of Animal Science Group (The Netherlands)
headed by Kees de Koning
Test Centre of the Melk-FEE GmbH(Germany),
headed by Susanne Demba 


Relevant documents related to the MRSD SC

The information available on this section regarding the Recording and Sampling Devices Sub-Committee include the following  files:

ICAR, Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, 3511 MJ Utrecht, The Netherlands - Email: