Conformation Recording Working Group

The page shows introductory information about the Conformation Recording Working Group and relevant document produced by the WG


Gerben De Jong



Pierre Berrechet, IDELE, France
Gabriel Blanco, CONAFE, Spain
László Bognár, Hungarian Holstein Association, Hungary
Bernhard Luntz, Institut fur Tierzucht, Germany
Timothée Neuenschwander, Holstein Switzerland, Switzerland

Terms of Reference of the Conformation Recording Working Group

  • The Terms of References of the Conformation WG are available here


Working plan for ICAR Working Group Conformation (After Niagara Meeting, June 2008)

The group will work coming period on two main topics:

  • Discuss how to approach the new technologies and determine how standard traits can be derived.
    New techniques become available like usage of images to score BCS, scanned images to describe body traits, udder trait measurements based on teat positions from milk robots, locomotion information using walk pads. The groups wants to contact manufacturers and researchers to see what kind of techniques are available.
  • Describe relationship between conformation traits and health and functional traits. This could be easy to use information to show how conformation traits affect health and functional traits.

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