First Webinar on the Proficiency Test for milk laboratories on 2021-06-16

On 16 June 2021 a webinar on “First Webinar on the Proficiency Test for milk laboratories: ICAR contribution to the worldwide traceability” was. organised  Chaired by Christian Baumgartner, the webinar was aimed to managers and technicians of milk testing laboratories and to ICAR Member Organisations, in general.

A specific brochure for presenting the webinar was prepared and made available here for downloading.

For the webinar, the following material have been made available:

In about one hour, participants had to chance to:

  • Understand the ICAR quality policy.
  • Learn how to use the ICAR PT platform for participating to the ICAR Proficiency Test (PT).
  • Receive an overview of the milk parameters trend in the ICAR PT.
  • Have an outline on the comparison of ICAR PT SCC assign value and SCC assign value traceable to EC JRC CRM SCC.
  • Understand how to join a worldwide community to make milk analyses traceable.

ICAR proficiency testing scheme is an accredited ISO 17043 proficiency test that has more than 50 laboratories participating to the annual rounds, performed in March and September.

From March 2021, a new platform is available to manage the ICAR proficiency test. By the new platform, the laboratories can subscribe, upload the analytical results and to download the individual report.

During the webinar , he global performance of the different parameters has been illustrated and the specific attention has been dedicated on the international traceability for the parameter somatic cell in milk.

This webinar has been an additional opportunity for ICAR to stay at your side to support you in any way we can to help to improve overall quality management systems for milk analyses.

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