Sheep, Goats and Camelids Working Group

The Working Group was endorsed at the 40th ICAR Biennial Session held in Puerto Varas and it is the result of the merging of three previous Working Groups (Performance Recording of Dairy Sheep WG + Goat Performance Recording WG + Animal Fibre WG).

In 2018, following a decision of the Board, the Working Group was enlarged to include Large Camelids (Dromedaries and Bactrian Camels). The new Terms of Reference for the newly-named “ICAR Sheep, Goat and Camelid Working Group” are available here

This page shows introductory information about the Sheep, Goats and Camelids Working Group (in short SGC WG) , the composition of the Working Group and documents related to the carried out activities.




  • Hassan Alhaddad, of Science, Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • Marco Antonini, ENEA, Italy
  • Daniel Brown, Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit, Australia
  • Pamela Burger, Financial Department Vetmeduni Vienna, Austria
  • Antonello Carta, AGRIS Sardegna, Italy
  • Elena Ciani, Department of General and Environmental Physiology, Italy
  • Joanne Conington, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, SRUC, United Kingdom
  • Carlo Iglesias Pastrana, University of Córdoba, Spain
  • Valerie Loywyck, IDELE, France
  • Kevin McDermott, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, Ireland
  • Sharon McIntyre, Beef and Lamb NZ Genetcis, New Zealand
  • Riccardo Negrini, AIA, Italy
  • Mojca Simčič , University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Marija Spehar, Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food, Croatia
  • Eva Ugarte, NEIKER, Spain


Guidelines and survey

The SGC WG has created three Expert Advisory Groups (EAG) to provide specialist and expert advice on topics of relevance to achieving the objectives of the Group:

  • EAG on sheep and goat milk recording
  • EAG on sheep, goat and camelid fiber recording
  • EAG on sheep and goat meat, reproduction and maternal traits recording
  • EAG on large camelid recording

The SGC-WG maintains, updates, promotes and extends the following section of the guidelines:

The SGC WG is currently working on establishing a section of the guidelines on meat, reproduction and maternal traits recording

Also, the SGC WG conducts and reports the results of the international survey on sheep and goats performance recording


Documents related to the Working Group

For this Working Group, the following documents are available:


Documents produced during the ICAR Conferences

Montreal 2022

Remote meeting by Zoom on February 2022

Leeuwarden 2021

Prague 2019

Auckland 2018

Edinburgh 2017

Puerto Varas 2016 (Chile)

  • Meeting of the WG in Puerto Varas on 25th October 2016 (MinutesSlides)

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