The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) which was formed on March 9th, 1951, in Rome. Presently it is composed of 128 Members from 57 countries.  ICAR strives to be the leading global provider of Guidelines, Standards and Certification for animal identification, animal recording and animal evaluation. ICAR wants to improve the profitability and sustainability of farm animal production by:

  • Establishing and maintaining guidelines and standards for best practice in all aspects of animal identification and recording.
  • Certifying equipment, and processes used in animal identification, recording and genetic evaluations.
  • Stimulating and leading continuous improvement, innovation, research, knowledge development and knowledge exchange.
  • Providing services essential to achieving international collaboration in key aspects of animal recording and animal breeding.

Abstracts, presentations and pictures of the ICAR 2022 Annual Conference (Montreal)

The material presented at the ICAR 2022 Annual Conference in Montreal has been made available for free downloading

Translation into Spanish of the Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of Claw Health Atlas

The two publications present the Appendix 1 and 2 of the Claw Atlas and are added to those already made for a total of 24 translations

A new platform for collecting data on "Cow, sheep and goats milk recording systems"

Various statistics are available on production, numbers of animals/herds, local species, fertility, type of lactation calculation et al.

Yearly survey on milk recording systems for cow, sheep and goats in 2020-2021

The updated publications incorporates dairy sector primary production information from a wide range of sources in a unique manner

The IDF-ICAR initiative about ExtraMIR has been launched

project with the overall goal to offer a more complete and deeper understanding of the activities related to the use of Mid Infrared (MIR) spectra

New Procedure in "Application of EC JRC Certified Reference Material for SCC in milk"

After the launch of a new certified reference material by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC JRC), joint action by ICAR and IDF

Finalised the second round of the ICAR Proficiency Test for milk laboratories

In this second round, 49 laboratories joned the PT. They have alredy received their reports (Reference laboratories and Routine laboratories)

Informative material from the webinar on ICAR Proficiency Test (incuding video and PPTs)

Two different kind of reports (for Reference and Routine methods) have been produced and already distributed to the laboratories

The ICAR 2021 accreditation round of genetic laboratories has finalised

13 international world-wide laboratories have been ICAR accredited for SNP-based genotyping and STR microsatellite-based parentage testing in cattle

ICAR, Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, 3511 MJ Utrecht, The Netherlands - Email: icar@icar.org