The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) which was formed on March 9th, 1951, in Rome. Presently it is composed of 128 Members from 57 countries.  ICAR now strives to be the leading global provider of Guidelines, Standards and Certification for animal identification, animal recording and animal evaluation. ICAR wants to improve the profitability, and sustainability of farm animal production by:

  • Establishing and maintaining guidelines and standards for best practice in all aspects of animal identification and recording.
  • Certifying equipment, and processes used in animal identification, recording and genetic evaluations.
  • Stimulating and leading: continuous improvement, innovation, research, knowledge development, and knowledge exchange.
  • Providing services essential to achieving international collaboration in key aspects of animal recording and animal breeding.

Video and slides of the webinar on the international evaluations for beef cattle

120 participants joined the webinar targeted to organizations aiming to international genetic evaluations for meat cattle. Video available ...

Videos and slides available from the ICAR/IDF webinar on "Lameness in dairy cows"

Around 460 people took part to the webinar made available on the site as a video. Speakers presented the impacts of lameness on the herds

The ICAR Atlas on Claw Health (2nd edition) and its appendixes are available (Feb 2020)

Appendixes 1: Digital Dermatitis Stages (M-stages) and Appendix 2: Digital Dermatitis-Associated Claw Horn Lesions are also freely available

A brochure on Interbeef activities has been produced now available for downloading

It presents the beneficials of joining the international genetic evaluations for meat traits, the present and future directions of the research and ....

"Development and Application of a Certified Reference Material for SCC in Milk"

The EC JRC launched a new certified reference material for SCC in milk. Slides and the recorded webinar, assisted by 130 technicians, available here

The latest ICAR Newsletter (January 2021 issue) is now freely available

The issue focuses on the activities of the ICAR Groups done in the last months, their plans for the future and on the 2021 Annual Conference

Despite the Covid-19, the September round of the ICAR PT for milk labs finalised

30 world-wide laboratories took part in the Proficiency Test and each of them already received the personal report (Reference and Routine lab)

Joint IDF and ICAR initiative to improve consistency in milk somatic cell counting

The EU Joint Research Centre (JRC) announced the launch of the first certified reference materials for SCC, in a joint project of the IDF ICAR

Finalised the 2020 call for the accreditation of genetic laboratories for parentage testing

In 2020, 11 world-wide genetic laboratories have been accredited for parentage testing according to the ICAR standards ...

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