Introducing ICAR

The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) which was formed on March 9th, 1951, in Rome. Presently it is composed of 115 Members from 57 countries.  ICAR now strives to be the leading global provider of Guidelines, Standards and Certification for animal identification, animal recording and animal evaluation. ICAR wants to improve the profitability, and sustainability of farm animal production by:

  • Establishing and maintaining guidelines and standards for best practice in all aspects of animal identification and recording.
  • Certifying equipment, and processes used in animal identification, recording and genetic evaluations.
  • Stimulating and leading: continuous improvement, innovation, research, knowledge development, and knowledge exchange.
  • Providing services essential to achieving international collaboration in key aspects of animal recording and animal breeding.



With the Guidelines and services, ICAR helps the creation of quality based animal production systems around the world; connected systems that are beneficial to both our 87 full members, our 30 associate members as well as farmers, legislators and consumers. This way, ICAR wants to contribute to a sustainable food chain, while keeping in mind what is beneficial to the open markets long term.



ICAR is there for its members, both in developed and emerging markets: farm and breeding organizations facilitating ‘their’ local farmers in data-recording and evaluation of production animals. Ultimately this data should help farmers to make management (including breeding) decisions and produce healthy, safe and sustainable food in a valuable way. Therefore, ICAR cooperates closely with those organizations that provide products and services to our members in the recording and genetic process and in farm management information.

Proceedings 42nd ICAR Conference, Auckland (NZ), in Feb. 2018 have been published

The issue collects the 40 manuscripts focussing on Cooperation, networking and global interactions in animal production. More info ...

The two new services on DNA-based services are now operative. VIT first lab to be accredited

It focusses on the Auckland Conference, activities of the Groups, the CoQ and the Accreditation for Data Interpretation Centres by SNP. More info ...

The ICAR Proficiency Test (round in March 2018) has been finalised. Reports ready

40 world-wide milk laboratories from 30 countries joined the ICAR PT for the Reference and the Routine method. More info here ....

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