Artificial Insemination & RT Working Group

The page shows introductory information about the Artificial Insemination & RT Working Group


  • Fritz Schmitz-Hsu, Swissgenetics, Switzerland
  • Olivier Gerard, ALLICE, France


  • Jens Baltissen, BRS, Germany
  • Melton DeJarnette, NAAB (Select Sires), USA
  • Lamberto Morelli, INSEME spa, Italy
  • Richard Spelman, LIC, New Zealand
  • Jos Hooijer, CRV BV, The Netherlands

Associate Members

  • Christian Simmet, MiniTub, Germany
  • Angela De Mirjyn, IMV, France

Useful links

The link to the NAAB stud codes is:

Available documents of the Working Group

Description of straw markings

Description of straw markings in selected countries are now available for:

  1. NAAB (USA)
  2. LIC (New Zealand)
  3. CRV (The Netherlands)
  4. SwissGenetics (Switzerland)
  5. InSeme (Italy)
  6. ADR (Germany)
  7. France

B. Details on a proposed database in France are available here

ICAR, Via Savoia 78, sc. A int. 3, 00198 Rome, Italy - Email: