Statutes and By-Laws

The last version of the ICAR Statutes (December 2019) are available in English, while the By-laws are available here

At the General Assembly in Montreal on 1st June 2022 the Board and its Governance Committee will propose to the Members to cancel the existing By-laws. The procedure for the approval of the Guidelines by the Members will become an SOP and be available on the web site here

ICAR Statutes: An introduction

ICAR is today the world-wide organisation for the standardisation of animal recording and productivity evaluation. Its aim is to promote improvement of farm animal recording and evaluation through the formulation of definitions and standards for the measurement of traits of economic importance.

ICAR’s mission is to provide benefits to its member organisations through actions that they cannot do efficiently themselves:

  • providing information and services which help member organisations to develop, operate and manage their business;
  • providing information and services which promote benefits of recording and evaluation, thereby increasing the demand for the services provided by ICAR member organisations;
  • providing and standards which facilitate the provision of services and the exchange of information by member organisations both nationally and internationally; and
  • providing a body through which member organisations can work together to achieve shared objectives.

The present structure of ICAR as a registered non-profit INGO provides for full participation of its members in developing – among other things – and recommendations on the basis of the sound scientific evidence. Guidelines represent a minimum of the requirements set up to ensure a satisfactory degree of uniformity of recording among member countries, and a maximum flexibility in the choice of methods.

Created in Rome in March 1951 as a small regionally bound organisation, ICAR evolved in recent years to international status. The actual Statutes were developed as follows:

  • Decision of the General Assembly to empower the Board to proceed with such a registration and to make the minor changes to the Statutes as may be required to comply with the French Law; Rotorua (New Zealand) 22nd January, 1998.
  • Approval by the Board of the proposed Statutes; Paris (France) 5 March, 1999.
  • Declaration and presentation of the new Statutes to the  Préfecture de Police; Paris (France) 29 March, 1999.
  • Recognition by the French Republic as an Association Loi 1901; 19 April, 1999.
  • Published in the Journal Officiel No. 20 of the 15 May, 1999.
  • Final adoption by the General Assembly in Bled, Slovenia, on the 16 May, 2000.
  • Modified and approved by the General Assembly held in Kuopio, Finland on 9 June 2006.
  • Modified and approved by the General Assembly held in Niagara Falls, USA on 20 June 2008
  • In 2008 the General Assembly in Niagara Falls, USA, approved to move the seat of ICAR from Paris (France) to Rome (Italy). The registration was made on 28th July 2008 at the Ufficio Entrate di Roma 5, No. 17597, Serie 1T.
  • Modified and approved by the General Assembly held in Cork, Ireland, on June 2012
  • Modified and approved by the General Assembly held in Aarhus, Denmark, on June 2013
  • Modified and approved by the General Assembly held in Krakow, Poland, on June 2015
  • Modified and approved by the General Assembly held in Edinburgh, UK, on June 2017
  • Modified and approved by the General Assembly held in Auckland, NZ, on February 2018


ICAR By-Laws

The last version of ICAR By-Laws approved in 2017 in Edinburgh are available here (90 Kb)


Procedures for the Guidelines


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