Animal Identification Sub-Committee

The page lists the composition, duties, test centres, competent authorities and related documents of the ICAR Animal Identification Sub-Committee


Ken Evers
International Livestock Identification Specialist / Consultant
Former Livestock Quality Assurance Officer – Biosecurity Victoria,


Sébastien Duroy
Kaivo Ilves
Eesti Pollumajandusloomade Joudluskontrolli AS
Kaivo Ilves
Paul Laronde
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
 Valentina Palucci
Interbull Centre
Othon Reynoso Campos
Sistema Nacional de Identificación Individual de Ganado – SINIIGA
Salvador Ronda

Pedro Vieira
Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV)



Andie Dimitriadou
ICAR Secretariat (Italy)



According to its terms of reference, the Sub-Committee covers the following subjects related to the animal identification and registration:

  • Preparation of for the relevant appendices of the International Agreement on Recording Practices with regard to ID-device testing.
  • Stimulation of new developments in and report on new equipment, procedures and methods dealing with:
    • Electronic identification.
    • Other identification devices.
    • Standardised layout of eartags for individual animals
  • Advising the ICAR Board on approval and/or certification of:
    – Institutes serving as ICAR test-centres
    – Identification devices used in individual animal identification


Test Centres for testing electronic ID devices

The laboratories that carry out the tests for the certification of the RFID devices are the following:

  • DLG TestService GmbH, Germany, Thomas Olt (this laboratory performs the “Conformance and Performance” tests)
  • IMA Wageningen, The Netherlands. Pieter Hogewerf (this laboratory performs the “Conformance and Performance” tests)


Test Centres for testing conventional ear tags

The following are the laboratories that carry out the tests for the certification of the conventional ear tags

Preliminary assessment


Preliminary Assesment and laboratory test


Related documentation

The following files are documents produced by the Sub-Committee and have relevance for its activity:


Competent Authorities for Animal Identification

The list of “National Competent authority, model of passport, ear tags and holding register” is available within the ICAR website here

In other countries than EU, it is expected that Veterinary Services are the national competent authorities for animal identification including where relevant allocation and control of animal EID-codes with Country Code according to ISO 11784.

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