ICAR publishes on interval basis its informative Newsletters. The following are the available issues as PDF file.

  • January 2022
    • ICAR Guidelines: The translations of the Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of the ICAR Claw Health Atlas have been published for the Spanish, Estonian and German
    • The Sheep, Goats and Camelids Working Group, chaired by Jean-Michel Astruc, produced a new set of Guidelines (Section 21) on: “Meat, reproduction and maternal trait in sheep and goats”
    • Animal data standard broadens its scope and utility by the new release of the version 1.2 of the Animal Data Exchange specification
  • ICAR Groups
    • The ICAR Sustainability Task Force has been established and its composition is now available
  • ICAR Services
    • Launch of the 2022 ICAR Proficiency Test for milk laboratories.
    • Following the webinar on the “Proficiency Test for milk laboratories: ICAR contribution to the worldwide traceability, a short contribution presents the main achievements from the webinar
    • For the Associate Members and upon registration, an updated version of the statistical software to verify the milk meters has been released
    • The 2021 accreditation round for the genetic laboratories for the STR-based parentage verification and SNP-based genotyping has been finalised
  • ICAR Members
    • Xenética Fontao (Spain) and DataGene (Australia) successfully granted the accreditation as DNA Data Interpretation Centre
    • Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security (Botswana) and FarmChamps GmbH & Co. KG. (Germany) joined ICAR as a Full Members
    • CONVIS (Luxembourg) and Tine, (Norway), successfully renewed the ICAR Certificate of Quality
    •  Informative material and presentations from the Animal Identification and Registration Systems (AIRS) – Mongolia
  • July 2021
    – ICAR 2021 Annual Conference – Leeuwarden April 2021
    – New ICAR Board Members
    – Certificate of Quality
    – New ICAR Members
    – New members of the Groups
    – ICAR Webinars: Milk PT and animal welfare
    – ICAR Guidelines
    – ICAR Claw Health Atlas
    – DNA Data Interpretation Centre
    – STR- and SNP-based genetic laboratories accreditation
    – Milk meters certifications
  • April 2021
    – New Cow Enquiry Statistics data entry screens released
    – Latest accreditation as DNA Data Interpretation Centre
    – Webinars organised by ICAR
    – New Members in the ICAR Milk Analysis and Animal Identification Sub-Committees
    – Guidance on application of EC JRC Certified Reference Material for SCC in milk
    – ICAR – Interbull Conference – April 26th – April 30th 2021
  • January 2021
    –  A Word From the President: Resilience of the ICAR Community
    –  New hire ! Yvonne de Gier, ICAR administration executive
    –  ICAR Annual Conference in Leeuwarden, April 2021
    –  News from the ICAR Groups in the last six months and projects for the next months
  • July 2020
    – A Word From The President: The Future Isn’t What We Thought
    – Major Outcomes of the ICAR Groups since October 2019
    – Interbeef expands its membership§
    – Milk Analysis SC: joint IDF and ICAR initiative to improve consistency in milk SCC – Reference material launched by eu joint research centre
    – ICAR and Interbull Conferences in 2021, 2022 and 2023
  • September 2019
    – ICAR news from the Annual Conference
    – News from the Groups (Sub-Committees and Working Groups)
    – Smarter EU Project
  • December 2018
    – ICAR Proficiency Test for Milk Laboratories
    – ICAR accreditation of genetic laboratories for parentage testing in cattle by STR and SNP and Data Interpretation Centres
    – Certificate of Quality
    – Artificial Insemination & Related Technologies Working Group
    – Animal Identification Sub-Committee
    – Dairy Cattle Milk Recording Working Group
    – Recording and Sampling Device Sub-Committee meeting held in Potsdam
    – Sensor Devices Task Force
    – Expert Advisory Group on the ICAR Certificate of Quality
    – Animal Data Exchange Working Group
    – Feed and Ga s Working Group
    – Functional Traits Working Group
  • April 2018
    News from the ICAR Conference held in Auckland
    News from the ICAR Groups
    Launch of ICAR Accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres
  • September 2017
    A word from the President
    News from the ICAR Conference held in Edinburgh
    News from the ICAR Groups
    Next ICAR Conferences in 2018 and 2019
  • April 2017
    A word from the President
    A new ICAR Member
    News about ICAR Services
    – Accreditation of DNA laboratories for parentage recording
    – ICAR Milk Analysers Certification
    – GenoEx-PSE
    News from ICAR Sub-Committees and Working Groups
    Certificate of Quality
    ICAR Publications
    ICAR 41ST Conference In Edinburgh (UK), 14-16 June 2017
    ICAR 2018 Annual Conference and following years (2019 and 2020)
  • December 2016 (English edition;  –   Spanish edition)
    Report from the 40th ICAR Conference, Puerto Varas
    Last General Assembly
    The President’s award
    The new ICAR Members
    The President’s Report
    News from the ICAR Board
    Hans Wilmink re-elected ICAR President
    Daniel Lefebvre new member of the Board
    ICAR Board and Chairpersons of Sub-Committees and Working Groups reviewed ICAR technical activities
  • October 2016
    A word from the President
    ICAR’s 40th Biennial Session, Puerto Varas, Chile
    The Global Reach program
    From the ICAR board
    ICAR brand
    News from Sub-Committees and Working Groups
    Animal Identification Sub-Committee
    Recording and Sampling Devices Sub-Committee
    Activities in the frame of Milk Analysis Sub-Committee
    Priorities of the Dairy Cattle Milk Recording WG
    Certificate of Quality
    Launch of two new DNA-based services by ICAR and Interbull Centre
    DNA data interpetation centre accreditation
    From the ICAR Executive Team (Jussi’s retirement)
  • August 2016
    A word from the President
    The background and the reasons of the ICAR brand project
    Unique Language: ‘Network. Guidelines. Certification”
    ICAR’s Mission
    ICAR’s new logo
    Seven reasons to work with ICAR
  • March 2016
    A word from the President
    ICAR’s 65th anniversary:  the marking dates
    ICAR: the founding reasons
    ICAR Board Activities
    The Global Reach WG 3
    The Expert Group GENOEX-PSE Implementation Task Force (PSE-ITF)
    News from Sub-Committees and Working Groups
    Recording and Sampling Devices SC
    Interbull SC
    Milk Analyses SC
    Animal Identification SC
    Parentage Recording WG
    Genetic Analysis WG
    Conformation WG
    Functional Traits WG
    Dairy Cattle Milk Recording WG
    The EU-funded project on Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairying (SOLID)
    SOLID final conference
    The 40th ICAR Biennial Session,  Chile, 24-28 October 2016
    Meetings of other international organisations
  • December 2015
    A Word from the President
    Changes to ICAR Guidelines
    Activities of the ICAR Board
    Implementation Task Force of the Genotype Exchange Parentage SNP Exchange (GENOEX-PSE) Service
    Certificate of Quality
    Revision of rules of the ICAR Certificate of Quality (CoQ)
    Communication with Chairs of Sub-Committees and Working Groups
    Interbull Sub-Committee
    Milk Analysis Sub-Committee (MA SC)
    Recording and Sampling Devices Sub-Committee (RSD SC)
    Animal Identification Sub-Committee (ID SC)
    Dairy Cattle Milk-Recording Working Group (DCMR WG)
    Feed and Gas Working Group
    New ICAR members
    International cooperation
    40th ICAR Biennial Session in Puerto Varas (Chile) on 24-28 October 2016
  • July 2015
    A Word from the President
    ICAR Technical Workshop 10-12 June 2015, Krakow, Poland
    ICAR General Assembly
    Changes in the ICAR Statutes
    Bylaw on procedure for approval of ICAR Guidelines
    Agreement on Identification, Recording and Evaluation in Animal Production
    New ICAR members since the Berlin session
    From Sub-Committees and Working Groups
    ICAR Claw Health Atlas – International harmonisation of claw data recording
    Meeting of the Board with Chairpersons
    ICAR Awards in 2015
    Certificate of Quality
    New chairs of the Sub-Committees
    New ICAR Working Group for Feed and Gasses
    New Interbull Director
    Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers
    The 40th ICAR biennial session, Puerto Varas, Chile, 24-28 October, 2016
  • May 2015
    A word from the President
    United States of America National DHIA’s 50th Anniversary
    Animal ID and performance recording in Africa
    African Symposium on “Animal identification and recording (AIR) systems for traceability and livestock development in sub-Saharan Africa”
    New ICAR Member
    Meeting of the ICAR Board
    From ICAR Sub-Committees and Working Groups
    Presenting our International partners: FAO
    Service-ICAR News: ICAR Certificates for Identification Devices
    Krakow Technical Workshop
  • February 2015
    Welcome to the new Chief Executive– A word from the President
    Activities of the ICAR board
    Amendments to the ICAR statutes
    News from Krakow Technical Workshop – Reminder of early bird registration
    From ICAR Sub-Committees and Working Groups
    Expanding international genetic evaluation of beef cattle: key outcomes from ICAR/Interbeef workshop Full members:
    Jars – An important tool for milk recording
    Recording Devices Sub-Committee
    Improving quality of identification devices
    New ICAR Members
    Dairy Association of China
    AgTags Limited
    News from Service-ICAR srl
    Service-ICAR new testing and certification procedure for ID devices
    Auditing the implementation of the ICAR – Certificate of Quality
    From summaries of Auditors’ Reports of the Certificate of Quality
  • December 2014
    A word from the President: Towards the implementation of the ‘Future ICAR’ strategy
    Strategic priorities
    What worked well and what did not work well
    Activities of the ICAR Board
    New ICAR Members
    Certificate of Quality
    Recording Devices Sub-Committee
    Interbull Sub-Committee priority actions endorsed by the Board
    New Terms of Reference of the Milk Analysis Sub-Committee
    News from ICAR Working Groups
    ‘Cross-analysis’ Animal Welfare Recording Working Group Report for the ICAR Board
    Meeting of the ICAR Working Group on Functional Traits with claw health experts in Vienna on 22-23 October 2014
    The Performance Recording in Dairy Sheep Working Group approved new
    Parentage Recording Working Group prepares for laboratories accreditation
    Animal Fibre Working Group – Cooperation with Industry
    Registration open for the ICAR Technical Meeting, Krakow (Poland), 10-12 June 2015
  • June 2014
    Hans Wilmink, New ICAR President, elected at the 39th Biennial Session, Berlin 2014; A word from the new President; Main themes of the 39th Biennial Session, Berlin 2014; 2014 ICAR General Assembly; Strategic Plan ”New ICAR”; New ICAR Members; New members of the ICAR Board and Inspectors; Executive Board; 2014 INTERBULL Meeting; World Breed Federations – A new ICAR Working Group; Certificate of Quality; Distinguished Service Award; President’s Award; Distinguished Certificate Award; Next ICAR meetings
  • December 2013
    A word from the President; New strategic plan; New projects; Hundred sixty volunteers in ICAR Sub-Committees and Working Groups; Preparations for the animal identification workshop in South Africa; Accuracy task force; ICAR delegation in Turkey; Meeting with Chinese officials interested in ICAR activities; New ICAR members; Certificate of Quality; Task Force of breed federations; Next 39th ICAR Biennial Session
  • June 2013
    ICAR Technical Workshop 2013, Aarhus, Denmark 29-31 May 2013; ICAR General Assembly; From the President’s Report; Strategic priorities in 2013; New ICAR Members; Certificate of Quality; Awards; Distinguished Certificate and Service Awards; From the ICAR Board; New members of the Board; Executive Board; Review of activities of Sub-Committees and Working Groups; New Working Group; New Chairman of the Working Group for Artificial Insemination and Related Technologies; Budgetary surplus for new projects; The ICAR 2013 Health Data Conference; Future ICAR Meetings
  • April 2013
    A word from the president; ICAR technical workshop 2013 and health data conference; Technical session I: Valid Identification; Technical session II: Identification in Milk Recording; Manufacturers showcase; Technical session III: Identification in Reproduction and Functional Traits; Technical session IV: Beef Recording, Sheep and Goat; Parallel session: Increasing demands on the milk recorded sample; Challenges and Benefits of Health Data Recording in the Context of Food Chain Quality, Management and Breeding; ICAR General Assembly; Amendments to the ICAR statutes; Meeting of the Executive Board; Joint management of breed codes with NAAB; Interbull strategic planning session and the steering committee meeting; Animal identification sub-committee; ADHIS 30 year – herd 2013 conference; ICAR web site; Proposals for improvement of services to technical bodies; Up-dated handbook and internal regulations; Relations with the International Meat Secretariat
  • December 2012
    A Word From The President; Meeting of The ICAR Board; ICAR Membership; Expectations of associate members new working groups and task forces; Animal Welfare WG; Breed Federation Task Force; Activities of Sub-Committees, Working Groups And Task Forces; Sub-Committee Recording Devices; Activities and programmes of Interbull; A study on milk recording practices; Developing Countries WG; Accreditation of laboratories for SNP analysis; New ICAR Data Base; New tasks of the Animal Data Recording WG; The impact of the current developments and future trends on ICAR profile and activities; Brian Wickham – New coordinator of ICAR technical bodies; Charles Hunlun – New coordinator for Certificate of Quality; New printing version of the guidelines; Secretariat’s Contacts; Guidelines for parentage recording; ICAR Technical Workshop 2013
  • June 2012
    A word from the President; 38th ICAR Biennial Session; High participation and support of manufacturers; Some messages from technical sessions; General Assembly; New ICAR Guidelines; New ICAR Members; Certificate of Quality; Awards; Frank Armitage received Presidents Award; New ICAR Statutes; Uffe Lauritsen re-elected President of ICAR; Christian Baumgartner new Chairman of the Milk Analysis Sub-Committee; Wim van Haeringen new chairman of the Genetic Analysis Working Group; Enrico Santus and Juraj Handrak members of the Interbull Steering Committee; From Sub-Committees and Working Groups; Joint workshop of ICAR and World Breed Federations
  • April 2012
    A word from the President; Amendments to the ICAR Statutes; New strategic plan; From ICAR Subcommittees and Working Groups; ICAR in the EU project in Turkey; ICAR services; From ICAR members; Last news from ICAR 38th Session, Cork (Ireland); New Interbull bulletin; Frank Armitage elected Fellow of the Royal Agricultural Societies
  • May 2012
    A word from the president: the 38th ICAR Biennial Session; A set of new ICAR Guidelines ready for submission to the General Assembly; ICAR General Assembly; Election of the Board; The new fee structure
  • December 2011
    A word from the President; Strategic plan; Revision of; Cooperation with EU; Animal identification; ICAR in the EU project in Turkey; Certificate of quality; Meetings of the Executive Board; Revision of ICAR statutes and internal regulations; New members of Sub-Committees and Working Groups; The 38th biennial session; Call for papers 7; The FAO/ICAR/FEPALE workshop on Animal Identification (5-7 december 2011, Santiago de Chile); The 1st ICAR workshop on cashmere goat production by Loro Piana Spa 24-25 October 2011, Changchun Jilin Province (China); EAAP-ICAR joint session, Stavanger (Norway)
  • July 2011
    Report from the Bourg-En-Bresse General Assembly and technical workshop; ICAR General Assembly; President’s report; Report of the Secreatary General; Technical workshop on “New technologies and new challenges for breeding and herd management”; From the “Certificate of Quality workshop; News from ICAR Sub-Commitees and Working Groups; Industry session at EAAP meeting in Stavanger (Norway)
  • June 2011
    Meeting of the ICAR board via phone conference on 24 may 2011; Approval of new membership; Financial matters; Use of ICAR name and logo; 1. Brand ICAR; 2. Brand ICAR Member; 3. Brand ICAR Associate Member; 4. Brand ICAR Certificate of Quality; 5. Brand ICAR certified; ICAR General Assembly And Technical Workshop, Bourg-En-Bresse, France, 23-24 June 2011; Meetings of Sub-Committees and Working Groups
  • May 2011
    Bourg-En-Bresse General Assembly And Technical Workshop – All Is Ready To Make It A Great Success; Meeting of The Executive Board of ICAR; News From ICAR Sub-Committees And Working Groups; –  Sub-Committee for Animal Identification; –  Meeting of the Sub-Committee for Recording Devices; –  Interbull; –  Reorganisation of the WG Lactation Calculation Method; –  Working Group on Goat Milk Recording; Activities Of The Secretariat; –  ICAR on-line surveys on cow, sheep and goat milk recording; International Cooperation; –  Joint Session with the International Dairy Federation; –  FAO ICAR Workshop in South America
  • December 2010
    A word from the President; Financial policy and support to sub-committees and working groups; new fee structure; ICAR services for member organizations; –  Proposal for new rules on certificate of quality; –  Patent Sentinel and Action Service; –  New recording device; Interbeef project on international evaluation of beef cattle; International Genomic Evaluation – strategic priority of the interbull Sub-Committee; Interbull facilitates efficient use of SNP data; Interbull and certificate of quality; –  genomic evaluation – theme of the next interbull meeting; Growing interest for ICAR, its mission and services; –  cooperation with pan-american dairy federation; –  visit to Taiwan; –  bovine SNP comparison tests; news from ICAR members; – council on dairy cattle breeding; The next General Assembly, 22 June 2011, Bourg-En-Bresse, France; The 38th Biennial Session, 28 may 01 June 2012, Cork, Ireland
  • July 2010
    Uffe Lauritsen – New President of ICAR; A Word From The New President; 37th Biennial Session, Riga, Latvia; –   Latvian Minister of Agriculture opened the Session; –   Main themes and presentations; –   ICAR General Assembly; –   Message from the out-going President; –   Accomplishments and the future focus; ICAR Board; –   New officers of ICAR; –   Genomic analysis in estimation of breeding values of dairy bulls; ICAR Awards
  • May 2010.
    A Word From The President; From The Programme Of The 37th Biennial Session; – Identification; – Recording; – Milk analysis; – Beef recording; – Small dairy ruminants; – Evaluation; – News from manufacturers; – Management of recording and evaluation organizations; – ICAR General Assembly; Recent Activities Of ICAR; – Interbull Workshop on the Use of Genomic Information in Genetic evaluations and Interbull industry meeting; – Certificate of Quality; – New ICAR service: on-line goat milk enquiry; International Contacts; – China; – Russian Federation; – South America
  • December 2009.
    A Word From The President; 37th ICAR Biennial Session, Riga, Latvia; Call for papers for the ICAR Session; Preliminary Programme; World Breed Federations meeting in Riga; Certificate Of Quality; Approval Of A New Recording Device; Milkmeters; Animal identification devices; New Icar Officials; Future Programs; Accreditation of laboratories for genetic evaluation; Animal health traits – new field of animal recording; Sub-Committee for Recording Devices; Statutes and by-laws review; ICAR Forum – A tool for improved communication
  • October 2009.
    The 37th ICAR biennial session 31 May – 4 June 2010, Riga, Latvia; Interbull – EAAP session at the 60th EAAP annual meeting – “Impact of global market on cattle breeding programs and practices; ICAR – FAO – EAAP Symposium at the 60th EAAP annual meeting – “ Advances and use of electronic identification”; Interbull meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 21-24 august 2009; Interbull Strategic Plan; Incorporation of genomics in estimation of breeding value; Interbeef – From research to service; ICAR test protocols have become ISO standards; New type of test shown on the ICAR website; Latest communications from Sub-Committee for Recording Devices; The world dairy summit; New ICAR officials – appointments by the ICAR board; Organisations granted with the Certificate of Quality
  • July 2009.
    ICAR general assembly; ICAR goals and objectives; New ICAR members; The 37th biennial session, Riga, Latvia, 31 May – 4 June 2010; Guidelines for on-farm milk analysis; ICAR certificate of quality; ICAR Awards; More benefits to ICAR members; ICAR workshop management of new recording and evaluation technologies – Porec, Croatia, 12-13 may 2009; Croatian agricultural agency;
  • May 2009. Strategic goals for 2009; New ICAR members; New procedure for the approval of ICAR ; Genomic evaluation of breeding values of bulls; INTERBULL workshop; INTERBULL steering committee ; INTERBULL startegic plan; Sub-committee for recording devices; Sub-committee for animal identification; Meeting in Buenos Aires; Participation at the OIE conference; Meeting of the ISO Working Group 3; Retesting Approved Devices?; Working group for genetic analysis; Special stamp expires 30 June 2009; Certificate of quality; PSAS – patent sentinel and action service; News from the ICAR Secretariat; Proceedings of the Niagara Falls ICAR Session; ICAR website – Some statistics; New service: discussion forum; ICAR 37th session in Latvia;
  • November 2008. A word from the President; 48 hours traceability of all animal species in production – goal of the national animal identification system in USA; ICAR work in animal identification; Genomic evaluation; Approval of new recording devices; On-farm milk analysis: a new challenge for ICAR; Reference system for somatic cell counts – new ICAR project with the International Dairy Federation (IDF); 14 laboratories from 11 countries accredited for parentage certification; ICAR on alpaca shearing management, fibre harvesting and grading; A decision support process for implementing identification and recording systems in developing countries; Certificate of quality; New ICAR publication policy; Joseph Crettenand received the President’s Award; Distinguished Service Awards; Members of the board; Chairmen of ICAR Sub-Committees, Working Group and Task Forces
  • June 2008. A word from the President; 36th ICAR biennial session; Proposals of the board for approval by the General Assembly; News from the ICAR governing bodies, Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces; Use of the ICAR logo ; Tagging of recording devices; International cooperation ; New associate members of ICAR; Icar certificate of quality – how to obtain it; Case of national milk recording; From our patent sentinel and action service (PSAS); 2009 general assembly and the workshop on management of animal recording and evaluation
  • December 2007. The issue contains: A word from the President: towards the 36th ICAR biennial session; From the message of Mark Adam, President of National Dairy Herd Information Association; News from the Icar Board, Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Task-Forces; International Co-Operation; Preparations for the 36th biennial session
  • July 2007. This issue contains: A word from the President; ICAR General Assembly 2007; Provision of benefits to ICAR members; News on cornell patent; ICAR recent publications; Badi Besbes is a new member of the ICAR board; Certificate of quality; Special stamp; Awards; ICAR new members; 2007 Technical workshop , Verona, Italy, June 2007; From the ICAR governing and technical bodies; 36th ICAR biennial session
  • January 2007. Report from the 35th ICAR biennial session and Interbull meeting; General Assembly, Kuopio, Finland, 7 June 2006 and the President’s report ; New ICAR Board; Decisions of the General Assembly; Amendments to the ICAR statutes; ICAR Awards ; News from ICAR Sub-Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups; A survey on milk recording strategies; New activities of ICAR; Next General Assembly (2007); Next Biennial 36th Session (2008); “Confidential” message from Frank Armitage;
  • May 2005. Report on the 34th ICAR Session (Sousse, Tunisia); Strategic Plan 2004-2008; New members organisations; Registration of marks, logos and names; Special stamp in Croatia; Benchmarking; Intellectual property monitoring
  • October 2003. The issue focuses on: New positions, News from SC’s WG’s and TF, Sousse 34th ICAR Session
  • April 2003. It focuses on: Memorandum between EAAP and ICAR; Next ICAR Sessions; ICAR By-laws; Actions against Cornell patent application; New ICAR Members; International Performance trials for sheep and goats; ICAR Guidelines; DNA Task Force; News from Sub-Committees and Working Groups.
  • February 2002. It focuses on Establishment of SERVICE ICAR S.r.l; Special Stamp visit to Slovak Republic; INTERBULL Sub-Committee; Beef Recording WG; Milk Testing Laboratories WG; Conformation Working Group; Lactation Calculation WG; Recent publications; Welcome to the 33rd ICAR Session and INTERBULL Meeting.
  • August 2001. It focuses on Paris meeting 19 May 2001. In particular with: Meeting of the Board; ICAR General Assembly; Meeting of ICAR Board with Chairpersons of Sub-Committes, Task Force and Working Groups; Meeting of Meters and Jars Sub-Committee; Meeting of the Beef Recording Working Group; Meeting of the Quality Assurance Working Group; News from the Sheep Milk Recording Working Group.
  • April 2001. It focuses on 32nd ICAR Session and INTERBULL Meeting, held in Bled, Slovenia, Revision of ICAR Guidelines, News from Sub-Committes, Task Force and Working Groups, ICAR web space, List of approved meters, Publications, Next ICAR Session and INTERBULL Meeting in 2002).
  • June 1999 with a special appendix on the activities of the “Animal Identification Sub-Committee”.
  • September 1998.
  • November 1997.
  • September 1997.
  • November 1996.
  • Interbull Newsletter March 1996
  • March 1996.
  • November 1995.

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