ICAR Insights July 2021


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ICAR Activity Insights (Quarter 2/2021)

Dear Colleague,

Please by way of update find below a selection of ICAR activities of note from Quarter 2/2021.

In this issue:

  1. ICAR 2021 Annual Conference – Leeuwarden April 2021
  2. New ICAR Board Members
  3. Certificate of Quality
  4. New ICAR Members
  5. New members of the Groups
  6. ICAR Webinars: Milk PT and animal welfare
  7. ICAR Guidelines
  8. ICAR Claw Health Atlas
  9. DNA Data Interpretation Centre
  10. STR- and SNP-based genetic laboratories accreditation
  11. Milk meters certifications

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ICAR 2021 Annual Conference – Leeuwarden April 202101 leeuwarden.jpg

Around 520 people registered to the 44th ICAR 2021 Annual Conference, virtually organised by CRV, where around 40 papers have been presented and a special webinar on “Animal-based indicators to promote welfare in dairy cows” has been jointly organised with IDF.

The pre-recorded videos of the presentations will be entirely made available in September on the ICAR site while the Abstracts and the PowerPoint presentations have been already made available in the ICAR site here

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New ICAR Board Members

Welcome to the new ICAR Board Members elected by the General
Assembly held on 28 April: Jason Archer (Abacusbio, NZ), Joao Durr (CDCB,
US), Nora Hammer (BRS, DE) and Tone Roalkvam (Tine, NO)

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Certificate of Quality03.jpg

In the last four months, the following ICAR Members successfully
renewed their Certificate of Quality:

  • Association Wallonne des Éleveurs
  • Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers
  • Växa Sverige



The page containing the whole list of the ICAR Members granted with
the Certificate of Quality is available here

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New ICAR Members (Associate or Full) in Q204 members.jpg

In the last three months, two new organisations join ICAR as
Associate Members

  • Agdatahub (France) and
  • FarmChamps GmbH & Co. KG. (Germany)

The page containing the whole list of ICAR Members is available here ..

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New members of the Groups

In the Board meeting held on 25-May-2021, the ICAR Board endorsed the
following new members of the ICAR Groups:

 05 milk1.jpg

  •  Milk Analysis Sub-Committee
    • Christian Baumgartner (Milchpruefring Bayern e. V., Germany)
      as the new Chairperson of the ICAR Milk Analysis Sub-Committee. In the same meeting, the Board endorsed Muril Niebuhr (USA) as Observer in the same Sub-Committee
  • DNA Working Group

The06 sheep.jpgICAR DNA Working Group appointed some new members of the group:

    • Hiemke Knijn (VHL Genetics, The Netherlands)
    • Johan De Meulemeester, (Merck, USA)
    • Clotilde Patry (ALLICE, France)
  • In the Sheep, Goats and Camelids Working Group
    • Hassan Alhaddad
    • Riccardo Negrini and
    • Carlo Pastrana

have been nominated new members of the Group

  • In the Animal Data Exchange Working Group,
    • Matteo Ratti (Merck Animal Health Intelligence)

has been appointed as a new member of the Group

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ICAR webinars: the “Proficiency Test for milk laboratories” and the
“Animal-based indicators for cows welfare” 07 webinar.jpg

  • Chaired by Christian Baumgartner, the webinar ICAR webinar on
    “Proficiency Test (PT) for milk laboratories: ICAR’s
    contribution to worldwide traceability” was aimed at managers
    and technicians of milk laboratories. The webinar was
    specifically designed to present the PT to the milk laboratories
    participating to our round and about 120 different milk
    laboratories joined the webinar. Link to page containing the
    video of the webinar and the presentations is available

  • About 250 people representing scientists, organisations related
    to DHI (Dairy Herd Improvement) and breeding, veterinarians,
    technology providers, advisory service and other organisations
    participated to the ICAR/IDF webinar on “Animal-based indicators
    to promote welfare in dairy cows”. The workshop is part of the
    collaboration of ICAR and IDF on harmonisation of animal-based
    welfare parameters. Informed material and video of the webinar
    have been published in the ICAR website. Link to page containing
    the video of the webinar and the presentations is available

The page that collects all the videos of the webinars produced by ICAR is available here

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ICAR Guidelines08 guidelines.jpg

  • The ICAR Members endorsed the application of the new Section 12,
    Procedure 2 on “Guidance on application of EC JRC Certified Reference Material for somatic cell counting in milk“ The new
    section is available here
  • in the next weeks, a new Section on “Guidelines on meat, reproduction and maternal trait recording in sheep and goats ” (Section 21) and the amendments on Animal ID Certification (Section 10) are expected to be released .

The page collecting the ICAR Guidelines is available here

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09 atlas.jpg ICAR Claw Health Atlas

  • The French translation of the poster of the ICAR Claw Health
    Atlas has been produced and made available in the web site here.
  • In the next days, also the translation to German of the Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of the ICAR Claw Health Atlas will also be published

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Accreditation as ICAR DNA Data Interpretation Centre

VÄXA ek. för (Sweden) and FABA Co-op (Finland) and Weatherbys Scientific10 interprt.jpg(Ireland) successfully renewed their accreditation as ICAR DNA Data Interpretation Centres link to DNA DIC page. Presently, 21 laboratories are granted as an ICAR DNA Data Interpretation Centre (full list available here)

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DNA STR- and SNP-based 2021 accreditation round11 dnac.jpg

The accreditation round of genetic laboratories for the STR- and SNP-based parentage testing and SNP-based genotyping was opened in March an 15 laboratories applied to the ICAR accreditations. A first revision of the alreday provided documentation has already been done and the round is expected to be finalised in October

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Milk meters certification

In the last three months, the following meters have been certified by
ICAR for cattle milk measurements and sampling12 buono.jpg

  • Monobox/DairyRobot R9500 automatic milking system with Metatron milk meter and
  • GEA International Sampler, manufactured by GEA Farm Technologies


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