Types of misuse of ICAR Registration/Certification

ICAR is always alert to cases of inappropriate use of the registrations/certifications it issues. We strongly encourage manufacturers, Competent Authorities and farmers to report to ICAR all cases of misuse that they might come across. The form for reporting misuse is available here.

The most common types of misuse of the ICAR registration/certification are the following:

RFID devices

  • Wrong animal bit
  • Missing product code
  • Double codes
  • Misuse of the country code
  • Unauthorized use of the country code
  • Senseless codes (no country code according to ISO 3166)
  • Misuse of another manufacturer code
  • Not existing code allocation in the shared manufacturer code
  • Wrong numbering range in the right code allocation
  • Wrong use of country code with shared code and allocation
  • Not giving traceability information on request
  • False certificate
  • Unreported modifications to certified devices

Conventional ear tags

  • False certificate
  • Unreported modifications to certified devices


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