Results of the milk laboratories Proficiency Test – December 2016

The page shows the participating milk laboratories to the ICAR Proficiency Test had in December 2016 conducted on the new parameters (PAG, BHB and DNA microrganisms).

The Reports produced for this round of the  Proficiency Test is available here


Table 1. Participating milk laboratories to the ICAR Proficiency Test (December 2016)

Allattenyesztesi Teljesitmenyvizsgalo Kft. Hungary Hungary
Asip Portugal
Can West Canada
Cattle Information Service (CIS) England
Central Milk Testing Lab Canada
Comité du Lait ASBL Belgium
DNA Diagnostic Denmark
Estonian Livestock Performance Recording Ltd Estonie
Eurofins Steins Laboratory A/S Denmark
Laborator pro rozbor mléka Bustehrad, Ceskomoravská spolecnost chovatelú a.s. Czech Republic
LIGAL Edificio de Laboratorio Agrarios Spain
Pacific Milk Analysis Canada
Pieno Tyrimai Lithuania
Qlip B.V., NL
Taiwan Livestock research Institute Taiwan
Valacta – Centre d’Expertise en Production Laitière du Québec Canada


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