The ICAR activities are managed by Sub-Committees and Working Groups.

This section presents the Sub-Committees that are the following:

Animal identification Sub-Committee

Purposes Stimulate development and evaluation of identification devices.
Species – Breeds – Traits Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Buffalo .
Standards & Guidelines Manufacturer & device codes.
Conventional tagging and identification systems.
Services & Other Performance evaluation and approval
Test Centres
Testing electronic tags
Survey of available devices
ISO registration agency
Evaluation of conventional identification devices.
Issues & Points for Discussion Strengthen linkage with ISO WGII dealing with agricultural standards for data interchange.
Responsible  Jo Quigley


INTERBULL Sub-Committee

Purposes Development of international comparisons of cattle
Species – Breeds – Traits Cattle
Dairy Breeds in Developed Countries
Milk production traits
Conformation, Health, Fertility etc
Standards & Guidelines Genetic evaluations
International comparisons
Services & Other International genetic evaluation service
Surveys of genetic evaluation practises
Issues & Points for Discussion Merge INTERBULL membership with ICAR membership and manage as a single membership. A proposal to go to INTERBULL members for discussion at the August business meeting is to be developed by Brian Wickham in consultation with Executive Board. The meeting will be attended by representatives of the ICAR executive board;Expand into more traits, breeds and countries;Expand into beef traits – a proposal needs to be developed in association with the Beef Performance Working Group – action to be taken by Schild and Wickham.
Responsible    Matthew Shaffer (Chairman)


Measuring, Recording and Sampling Devices Sub-Committee

Purposes Approve milk volume measurement devices
Species – Breeds – Traits Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Buffalo
All Breeds
Milk production traits
Standards & Guidelines Milk volume determination
Sampling devices
Services & Other Milk meter testing service
Survey of equipment used by members
Issues & Points for Discussion Need to decide how to handle testing for weighing scales for cattle, ultra sonic devices for body composition and beef quality devices.
Steven J. Sievert (Chairman)


Milk Analysis Sub-Committee

Purposes Improve efficiency and effectiveness of milk testing laboratories
Species – Breeds – Traits Cattle, buffalo, sheep & goats
All breeds
Milk composition including somatic cell conc.
Standards & Guidelines Quality assurance
Milk analyser testing protocol
Analytical methods
Services & Other International DHI reference laboratory network.
Collaboration between members of laboratory network.
Issues & Points for Discussion Chairperson to consider enlarging group membership so as to obtain greater geographical and technical representation.
Responsible Christian Baumgartner



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