Interbeef Working Group

The page shows introductory information about the Interbeef Working Group, its composition and relevant documents about the activities performed by the group

Andrew Cromie, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (Ireland) Andrew Cromie



Robert Banks, Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), UNE (Australia)
Emma Carlén, Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation, (Sweden)
Mike Coffey,Scottish Agricultural College (UK)
Mauro Fioretti, Associazione Italiana Allevatori, (Italy)
Laurent Griffon, Institut de l’Elevage, (France)
Friedrich Reinhardt (Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tierhaltung w.V.), Germany
Svenja Strasser, Swiss beef cattle (Switzerland)
Japie Van der Westhuizen, SA Stud Book and Animal Improvement Association, (South Africa) Japie Van der Westhuizen


Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Roel Veerkamp – Wageningen (The Netherlands)
  • Dorian Garrick – Iowa State University (USA)

Main documents of the Interbeef Working Group

Service calendar 2020

The service calendar of the Interbeef genetic evaluations is available here

Documents produced for meetings of the Interbeef Working Group

Meeting in Prague (CZ), 18 June 2019
  • The page containing the Agenda  and the documents related to the meeting scheduled in Prague on 18 June are password protected and they are available here
Meeting in Padua (IT), 11-12 October 2018
  • The page containing the minutes of the meeting held in Padua (IT) and the documents related to the meeting is password protected and it is available here
Meeting in Auckland (NZ), 8 February 2018
  • The minutes of the meeting held in Auckland and the documents related to the minutes are available here
  • The page containing the Agenda and the documents related to the meeting organised in Auckland (NZ) in February 2018 is password protected and is available here
Meeting in Edinburgh (UK), 12-13 June 2017
Meeting in Puerto Varas (Chile), October 2016
Phone-conference held on 19 October 2016
Meeting in Salzburg (Austria) 8-9 March 2016
Meeting in Krakow, 9 June 2015
Meeting in Dublin, 26 November 2014
Meeting in Berlin, Germany, 20 May 2014

Agenda and documentsMinutes

Meeting in Prague, 21 November 2013
Meeting in Aarhus, May 2013
Meeting in Stansted, Jan. 2013
Cork on May 2012
Bourg-en-Bresse on June 2011
Porec, Croatia, May 2009

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