ADE Webinars presentation version 1.3

Version 1.3 of the Animal Data Exchange specification has been released by ICAR and and the new version was presented during a webinar on two dates on January 25, 2 pm US CST (for participating please registerhere) and January 26, 9 am CET (for participating please register here).

The latest 1.3 release provides improvements to previous versions, and adds specifications for a streaming data synchronisation API, the calving event, herd-level milk recording statistics, group events and improvements to the overall quality of specifications. Previous releases included specifications to support core livestock information, registration and movements, milking and liveweight gain, conformation scores and health treatments.

The specification is already being implemented by some of the participating organisations.

The presentations during the webinar have been made available hereby

The video of the webinar eld on 26 January is available hereby:

Technical group facilitator and Managing Director of Rezare Systems, Andrew Cooke, describes the adoption of the new specifications in multiple countries:

  • The New Zealand and UK-based Map of Agriculture group has adopted ADE 1.3 in their data integration platform. CEO Richard Vecqueray says that the ADE specification supports standardised APIs for data from a variety of systems.
  • “Map of Agriculture has been pleased to use the new ADE 1.3 features in its Pure Farming data integration platform. ADE 1.3 allows us to transfer records of activities on groups of animals, such as weights and treatments of batch-tagged sheep in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.”

Technical group member and Team Manager at VIT (Germany), Thomas Pekeler, describes the implementation status at iDDEN:

  • Here at iDDEN – The international dairy data exchange network, we are using the ICAR ADE specifications to provide all partners with a standardized method for exchanging data.
  • Therefore, we will adopt our systems to the new version 1.3 of ADE to make all enhancements available to all of our users. We think the effort of the ADE working group is of great value to all partners willing to exchange data and we are happy to be able to use the results in our iDDEN platform.

The ADE specification is open-source and free to use and can be implemented by developers using a variety of modern tools. It is already in use by robotic milking machine and farm software vendors, as well as data exchanges and milk recording organisations. The specification supports a wide range of common livestock species, including dairy cows and milking sheep, as well as beef cattle, sheep, and farmed buffalo and deer.

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