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ICAR Annual Conference in 2019

The ICAR Conference in 2019 will be held in the Czech Republic (17-21 June). Its website is available here

  • The “Call for Abstracts” is now available (here). Deadline for the submission of the Abstracts is 28 February

    There will be 11 technical sessions for submitted abstracts for oral presentations and electronic posters. The plenary session on Wednesday 19/6/2019 , the roundtable on Friday 21/6/2019, and the Manufacturers Showcase on Wednesday 19/6/2019 are for invited speakers only.

    • Technical Session 1: New Traits & Developments in Beef Cattle Breeding
    • Technical session 2: Integrating Sensor Devices within the ICAR Guidelines with a View to Launching Initial Guidelines
    • Technical session 3: ICAR Animal Identification Services Session
    • Technical session 4: Future Daily Yield Calculations for Cattle
    • Technical session 5: Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Recording and Sampling Devices
    • Technical session 6: Where Will New Technologies Take Milk Recording?
    • Technical session 7: Challenges in Creating Additional Value from Milk Analysis
    • Technical session 8: New Developments in Sheep, Goat and Camelids within ICAR
    • Technical session 9: Animal Data Exchange Standards: The Road to Implementation
    • Technical session 10: Existing and Future Data Pipelines for Welfare and Resilience
    • Technical session 11: New Progress in the Field of Artificial Insemination


The Local Organising Committee also advises that the Registration and the Accomodation pages and the Preliminary programme are now availabe

Welcome Address

“Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Czech Moravian Breeders’ Corporation and all of the breeder organisations in the Czech Republic, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to Prague, the venue for the 2019 ICAR Congress and IDF/ISO Analytical Week, marking the first occasion the event will have been hosted in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a vibrant, modern country situated in the heart of Europe. Boasting a rich cultural heritage, the country offers visitors a wealth of attractions and impressive historic sites. Its capital city, Pra­gue, is famed for its magical bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes, whose mirror images have been reflected on the surface of the Vltava River for more than ten centuries.

Our main goal for this event has been to find the right balance between the professional and the social. Our field trips will take us out of Prague to different parts of the Czech Republic. All participants of the ICAR and IDF/ISO Analytical Week will have the opportunity to visit locations of professional interest and relevance, but will also have time to take in various cultural offerings. There will be several technical tours of Czech livestock breeding, showcasing leading herds and the modern agricultural methods that have been assimilated as part of national routine milk recording practice. These technical tours will be complemented by cultural visits to selected historical sites.

We invite you to discover the Czech Republic – to immerse yourself in its culture, agriculture and rich history – and look forward to welcoming you all here.


Dr. Josef Kučera
Chairman of the Local Organising Committee”

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