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ICAR Annual Conference in 2021

Next ICAR annual conference and Interbull meeting in 2021 are organised by CRV and will be held in April in Leeuwarden (Holland) from 26 to 30 April.

Registrations and Call for Abstracts for 2021

The registration page (here) is still open.

Presentation of the 2021 Annual Conference

The central theme of the event will be the circular economy and its impact and challenges in animal performance recording.Leeuwarden is in the middle of the Friesland region that was once the nursery of the Friesian cows. These were exported in large numbers in the 19th and 20th century and served as the basis for the worldwide population of Holstein Friesian cows. Visiting the ICAR 2021 Conference in Leeuwarden is more than just visiting a regular ICAR Conference, it’s where old traditions and a smart future meet. The successful development and rapid implementation of new innovations help the farmers to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their production. Come and see how the Dutch livestock sector addresses his challenges in the strive for a circular economy. More information will be soon available on the official site of the ICAR 2021 Conference at:

The following is the video presenting Leeuwarden and the ICAR Conference in 2021


ICAR Annual Conference in 2022

  • In 2022, the ICAR Annual Conference will be held in Canada

ICAR Annual Conference in 2023

  • In 2023 , the annual Conference will be held in Toledo (Spain)

The following is the video presenting the ICAR Conference and Toledo

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