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ICAR Annual Conference in 2022: Montreal, Canada 30 May – 3 June 2022

In 2022, the ICAR Annual Conference will be held in Montreal, Canada, from 30 May to 3 June. The site of the conference is available here

Lactanet, the Canadian Network for Dairy Excellence, is honoured to be your host for the 2022 ICAR/Interbull Conference. This world-class event will be held in the vibrant and friendly city of Montréal, in the province of Québec – Canada.

It will be a unique opportunity to share our expertise, connect with international collaborators and transform animal agriculture by linking science, data and farming practices.

We invite you to join us and we can’t wait to see you in person!

ICAR Annual Conference in 2023

  • In 2023 , the annual Conference will be held in Toledo (Spain)

The following is the video presenting the ICAR Conference and Toledo

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