Team of Auditors for the Certificate of Quality

This page contains the List of Auditors and the Auditors’ Report for a Visited audit and for a Consultative review . Those who are interested in joining the Team of Auditors are requested to submit their Curriculum Vitae to ICAR (

  • Jean-Michel Astruc (France)
  • Zdravko Barac (Croatia)
  • Xavier Bourrigan (France)
  • Pavel Bucek (Czech Republic)
  • Emma Dair (Ireland)
  • Gerben De Jong (The Netherlands)
  • Mauro Fioretti (Italy)
  • Suzanne Harding (United Kingdom)
  • Charl Hunlun (South Africa)
  • Kaivo Ilves (Estonia)
  • Laurent Journaux (France)
  • Marija Klopcic (Slovenia)
  • Dorota Krencik (Poland)
  • Kai Kuwan (Germany)
  • Juho Kyntäjä (Finland)
  • Uffe Lauritsen Denmark)
  • Sophie Mattalia (France)
  • Raphael Mrode (United Kingdom)
  • Folkert Onken (Germany)
  • Silvia Orlandini (Italy)
  • Aire Pentjarv (Estonia)
  • Hubert Rothfuss (Germany)
  • Japie van der Westhuizen (South Africa)
  • Marco Winters (United Kingdom)


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