Sustainability Task Force


Tone Roalkvam (Chair) – Specialist Advisor Sustainability at Tine S, ICAR Board Member Norway
Beat Bapst -Geneticist Qualitas AG also CEO Swiss Association for Animal Sciences, SAAS/SVT (part time position) Switzerland
Martin Burke (Secretary) CE ICAR (Secretary)
Ben Bartlett – NMR Group Business Development Manager and Director UK
Fabian Bernal – Global Head of Sustainability DeLaval Group Sweden
Christa Egger Danner – Chair ICAR Functional Traits Working Group Austria
Robert Fourdraine – Asst Director, Dairy Record Management Systems USA
Birgit Grendl-Gredler – Co-Chair ICAR ‘Feed and Gas’ Working Group Holland
Stefan Hörtenhuber – University Assistant and Senior Researcher at Division of Livestock Sciences NUWI Austria
Filippo Miglior – Senior Advisor, Genetics and Strategic Initiatives, Lactanet Canada
Corina van Middelaar – Animal Production Systems group Wageningen University Holland
Henrique Trindade – Professor, Department of Agronomy – School of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences UTAD Portugal


Programme of action

The Sustainability is planning to focus its ambitious action in the following aspects of the cow data recording

  • Rolling Herd Average Energy Corrected Milk (i.e. milk, fat and protein)
  • Age at first calving (calf and heifer raising)
  • Annual average Days in Milk (long days in milk are typically not very good economically)
  • MUN rates (High MUN rates points at overfeeding energy (protein) more N in manure)
  • Pregnancy rate (Low pregnancy rates can indicate poor reproduction program)
  • Pregnancy Loss Rate (High loss rates can point at various management factor, health, environment, etc.)
  • Days Open (Long days open are not desirable)
  • Weighted Somatic Cell Count (high SCC can point at Udder health problems)
  • Fresh Cow Infection Rate (Indicated either poor dry cow management of heifer management)
  • % Chronic infection rate (Cows with Mastitis)
  • Dry Cow Cure Rate (Poor cure rates points at poor dry cow program)
  • % Cows died less then 60 days in milk (Poor fresh cow program)
  • Fresh cow Fat Protein Ratio andequivalent milk BHB (both traits are very helpful indicators together of transition status, ketosis etc.)
  • % Calves born alive
  • % Cows removed for non-dairy reason
  • % Cows Died
  • % Cows in Lactation 3 & greater
  • Cow NM$ (In US NM$ is used to measure genetic progress, Higher NM$ cows would point at genetically superior animals)
  • Sire NM$
  • any genetic/genomic index (NM$, TPI, LPI, Pro$, or other national indexes worldwide) for all animals in herd including new born (based on GPA)
  • Using milk MIR predictions of Methane Emissions and Energy Balance, DMI, etc (EB is also of course part of Transition)
  • Any indicator of welfare (lameness, hoof health, others)

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