Other publications

Other publications

Among the others, ICAR publishes specific informative material in order to cover the different needs for specific informative material, Such examples include:

  • The ICAR Sub-Committee INTERBULL publishes a Technical Bulletin and a Newsletter. For this, please browse the INTERBULL site.
  • The Interbull Guidelines 2001 (about 150Kb) for National & International Genetic Evaluation Systems in Dairy Cattle with Focus on Production Traits are available on this site.
  • The other two Sub-Committees, the Task-Force and the Working Groups produce limited circulation reports on ad hoc basis.

ICAR published in the past on ad hoc basis special publication, such as:

  • Milk Recording in the World: one hundred years of history (1990).
  • International Regulations for Milk Recording in Goats (1990).
  • International Regulations for Milk Recording in Sheep (1992).
  • Approval of Milk Recording Equipment (1998 and 1991).

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