Porec 2009

The files presented at the Porec Technical Meeting (12-13 May 2009 – “Management of new recording and evaluation technologies”) are available hereby

The pictures taken at the Session are available here, while the pictures taken at the “Technical Tour” are available here

12 May 2009

Manufacturers’ Showcase (Chairman F. Armitage)

  • F. Armitage – Introduction
  • M. Koskinen – Validation of the PathoProofTM Mastitis PCR Assay for Bacterial identification from milk recording samples
  • G. Katz and A. Arazi – The use of automated data collection, mining and analysis for future farm management
  • P. Baier – Expansion of the value of the dairy records database in herd management

Recording and logistics – Vials, cow ID and practical solutions (Chairman: U. Lauritsen)

  • Z.  Ivkić & D.  Janda – Milk recording in small herds. The Croatian case
  • Allflex/ LactoCorder – Presenting the idea of cheap antennas for use with milk meters. The antennas will be placed on each bail in the parlour
  • FCL – Identification of samples with RFID tags in the bottom of the vial
  • M. Hammel – Recording and sampling in large herds. Experiences from practice.
  • True Test – Electronic Milk Meter (EMM) and RFID in Parlours

13 May 2009

Genomics – Impact of herd management/genomics on herd recording and selection programs (Chairman: R. Reents)

New services based on new technical and biological developments (Chairman: D. Abernethy)

  • J. High – Producers education on the use of the milk elisa johnes test
  • J.-L. Guérin – New technical developments in livestock: combined useful for the herd management and for the genetic improvement; the point of view of a breeding company
  • M. Klopčič – Applying new electronic sensors to create animal condition scoring protocols for the automated measurement of health and welfare traits for use in sustainable organic dairy cow breeding programmes
  • R. Bakota – The use of milk recording results in herd management in Croatia
  • S. Ryba – Current situation in the utilization of herd recording records to create value and improve the herd management

Traceability – Electronic system applications (Chairman: O.K. Hansen)

  • F. Schmitt – Introduction of identification systems in South Eastern Europe
  • B. Balvay, S. Duroy, L. Marguin and E. Rehben – Interest of electronic identification for each part of industry (farmer, performance recording or AI organisations, markets, slaughterhouses….) in 3 species: cattle, sheep and goat
  • K. Ilves – Use of company neck band transponders versus official EID ear tags
  • J. High – Practical Use of RFID for Daily On-Farm Management
  • O.K. Hansen – ICAR’s current work with animal identification issues
  • ICAR Services: Benchmarking, Patent Monitoring and Certificate of Quality

Changes in Herd Recording business structures: Real experiences (Chairman: N. Petreny)

  • U. Lauritsen – Denmark: National consolidation of a regional system
  • P. Gehrig – Switzerland: Issues and Challenges of Merging Long Standing Organizations
  • J. Mattison – USA: Herd recording mergers – What’s Working & what’s not
  • R. Cantin – Canada: Merging Two Companies – Politics, Business Cultures and Geography

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