Full ICAR Certification of  RFID devices

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Name of the Manufacturer Manufacturer code Product code Technology Type Description Latest ICAR certification date Performance test Conventional product code Photo Range of ID-Codes
Allflex982982034FDX-BElectronic ear tagDiameter 30.7 mm, thickness 8.5 mm, weight 11.33 g, yellow/black colour, BMR+BTL21/12/2016Yes A049
Datamars981981009FDX-BElectronic ear tagDiameter 29.7 mm, height 13.8 mm, weight 4.44 g, yellow20/12/2015Yes A041
Datamars964964012HDXElectronic ear tagDiameter 29.8mm, height 13.7 mm, weight 6,36 g, yellow colour20/12/2015Yes A043
Datamars981981010FDX-BElectronic ear tagDiameter 25.1 mm, height 13.9 mm, weight 4.0 g, yellow colour21/12/2015Yes A042
Allflex982982050FDX-BElectronic ear tagB4S+N15. Female: RFID diameter 24.3 mm, thickness with cap 14.5 mm. Male: tag length 44.9 mm, tag width 38.0 mm, thickness (lower) 1.04 mm. Total weight 4.89 g.17/11/2016Yes A045
Allflex982982051HDXElectronic ear tagDiameter 30.1 mm, height 14.2 mm, weight 8.08 g, white/black, BER+BTL11/10/2016Yes A044
Allflex982982057HDXElectronic ear tagFemale: RFID diameter 30.1 mm, tag length 78.8 mm, tag width 57.3 mm. Male: tag length 58.6 mm, tag width 56.9 mm, thickness (lower) 1.10 mm. Total weight 16.46 g26/09/2018Yes A050
Allflex982982051HDXElectronic ear tagBER+BHL - Female (BER): diameter 30.2 mm, thickness 14.3 mm, yellow - Male (BHL): diameter 28.5 mm, thickness 1.67 mm, pin length 25.8 mm, yellow Total weight 10.27 g13/07/2017Yes A056
Allflex982982034FDX-BElectronic ear tagBMR+BHL - Female (BMR): diameter 30.8 mm, thickness 14.4 mm, yellow - Male (BHL): diameter 28.4 mm, thickness 1.68 mm, pin length 25.8 mm, yellow Total weight 11.4913/07/2017Yes A057
Datamars964964027FDX-BElectronic ear tagFemale: RFID diameter 30.0 mm, tag length 76.7 mm, tag width 54.1 mm, thickness 1.1 mm. Male: tag length 60.0 mm, tag width 57.2 mm, thickness 1.23 mm, pin length 7.4 mm. Total weight 13.8 g29/01/2019Yes A062
Datamars964964028FDX-BElectronic ear tagFemale: RFID diameter 30.0 mm, tag length 76.7 mm, tag width 54.1 mm, thickness 1.1 mm. Male: tag length 77.6 mm, tag width 57.7 mm, thickness 1.21 mm, pin length 7.4 mm. Total weight: 14.9 g 29/01/2019Yes A063
Datamars964964025FDX-BElectronic ear tagFemale: diameter 29.88 mm, thickness with cap 15.70 mm, thickness without cap 5.67 mm. Male: diameter 30.18 mm, thickness 1.74 mm, pin length 22.88 mm. Total weight 6.25 g12/05/2020Yes A069

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