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39th ICAR Session, Berlin (Germany).  19-23 May 2014Berlin picture from homepage

 Informative material available from the Berlin Biennial Sessions

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The files presented during the meeting are listed hereby:

Tuesday, 20 May – ICAR/IB Technical Session: Parentage verification and parentage discovery
Chair: Suzanne Harding

Parentage recording and discovery – Overview
Suzanne Harding

International Genotype Exchange Platform (GENOEX) (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Joao Dürr

Analytical and statistical consideration on the use of the ISAG-ICAR-SNP panel for parentage control, genotyped with the Illumina bead chip technology, exemplified on the German Holstein (HF) population (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Ekkehard Schütz

Application of a custom SNP chip: Microsatellite imputation, parentage SNP imputation, genomic evaluations, and across-breed nation-wide genetic disease prevalence with the International Beef and Dairy SNP chip (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Matthew McClure

Wednesday, 21 May – ICAR Opening and keynote presentations
Chair: Reinhard Reents


Opening (Presentation as PDF)
Uffe Lauritsen, ICAR President

Sustainability in the agricultural development of Germany
Bernhard Polten, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Cattle Breeding in Germany (Presentation as PDF │Full manuscript)
Bianca Lind, German Cattle Breeders‘ Federation ADR

Keynote Presentation I: Animal identification, animal breeding and international trade – the new EU Regulation on Zootechnics (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Sergio Pavón, EU Commission

Keynote Presentation II: ICAR in a changing environment for animal production (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Hans Wilmink, CRV

Keynote Presentation III: Genotypes are useful for more than genomic evaluation (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Paul VanRaden, USDA


ICAR Main Session: Carry over/Sample Quality, MS2
Chair: Christian Baumgartner

The strategic importance of sampling processes for ICAR in a dynamic environment
Uffe Lauritsen

ICAR’s Accuracy Task Force – the reason for its establishment (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Brian Wickham

Draft: ISO 707|IDF 50 – Guidance on sampling for milk and milk products
David Chedotal

Chair: Martin Burke

Verification of correct assignment of milk samples to cows in AMS farm by DNA microsatellites (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Jürgen Duda

A testing protocol for carry over in AMS using Tracer-Color dilution (Full manuscript)
Peter Løvendahl

Best practices to minimize carry-over contamination in milk recording samples, both from operator and from equipment design and set-up perspectives (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Steven Sievert

ICAR Open Session, S3
Chair: Danuta Radzio and Jorge Lama

How performance recording data can reveal herd animal welfare level: Building a useful tool for Italian breeders (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Alessia Tondo

Dairy livestock welfare and climate change,risks analysis (Full manuscript)
Kakha Nadiradze

FabaHELMI – Advisory service for better fertility in Finnish dairy cattle herds (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Anu Myllys

Network of advisory services to improve the health of dairy cows in Baden-Württemberg (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Stefanie Hollenbach

Detection of ketosis in dairy cattle determining infrared milk ketone bodies amount (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Jean-Bernard Davière

Thursday, 22 May


ICAR Main Session: Functional Traits, MS3
Chair: Christa Egger-Danner

Harmonization of recording and use of direct health data as basis of sustainable improvement of dairy health and longevity (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Kathrin Friederike Stock

Metabolic disorders and their relationship to milk production traits in Austrian Fleckvieh (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Birgit Fuerst-Waltl

Claw health data recording in Spanish dairy cattle (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Noureddine Charfeddine

Potential of fine milk composition for cow udder health management (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Aurélie Lainé

From science to practice – improved udder health with the German project milchQplus (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Maria Thielen

Inclusion of direct health traits in the total merit index of Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss cattle in Austria and Germany (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Christa Egger-Danner

Phenotypes for novel functional traits of dairy cattle (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
John Cole

Progesterone in milk – investigations on practicability as a functional trait in dairy cows (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Ariane Boldt

Genetic evaluations based on data from automatic milking systems (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Bjørg Heringstad

Genomic breeding values for novel traits such as feed efficiency through female only reference populations (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Donagh Berry

The road to genetic selection for methane emission from ruminants: A global approach (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Yvette de Haas

ICAR Dairy Cattle Milk Recording, S1
Chair: Hans Wilmink

The ICAR for dairy cattle recording: An overview of the work and ideas of the Dairy Cattle Milk Recording working group
Jacob van de Westhuizen

Practical aspects in milk recording in Central and Eastern Europe and its effects on the  on the guidelines (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Pavel Bucek

Accurate recording at large herds in the United States: Current practices and expected developments (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Kevin Haase

Supporting the quality of the raw milk based on cattle breeding in Turkey (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Huseyin Velioglu

Development’s milk recording in Morocco (Case Study: Benslimane’s Mabrouka Cattle Breeders Cooperative) (Full manuscript)
Nadia Mousili

Automatic milking and milk production recording in New Zealand (Full manuscript)
Claudia Kamphuis

An overview of wished recording requirements to satisfy to the current evolution of milk recording organizations and selection programs in France (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Xavier Bourrigan

Why estimate what can be mesured? (Full manuscript)
Michal Basovník

Data quality points – an immediate and motivating supervision tool (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Heli Wahlroos

Friday, 23 May

ICAR Main Session: IT, MS4
Chair: Neil Petreny

User experiences of a herd management programme in a mobile device (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Juho Kyntäjä

MyAgSource: An online decision aid and herd management analysis tool developed to address the changing information management needs of US dairy producers and consultants (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Robert Fourdraine

Data on the hoof – Collecting herd management data amongst the cows (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Suzanne Harding

Automatic classification of eating and ruminating in cattle using an collar mounted accelerometer (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Craig Michie

New trends in data capture and exchange solutions between farms and external partners: The French situation (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Béatrice Balvay

Data exchange with robots and sensors: Achievements and prospects of the Animal Data Exchange initiative (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Erik Rehben

Rinderdatenverbund „RDV“ – IT-Network- Solution for 2 million cows in Austria and Germany (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Fritz Gollé-Leidreiter

Use of a data warehouse in animal husbandry and animal breeding (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Reinhard Reents

ICAR Dairy Sheep and Goats, S2
Chair: Jean-Michel Astruc

Ziegendatenverbund „ZDV“ – IT-Network- Solution for goat performance recording in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Klaus Droessler

Sheep breeding in the Czech Republic (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Pavel Bucek

National sheep and goats breeding program of Turkey and Sheep and Goats Breeders Association‘s collaboration system (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
İrfan Daskiran

Lactation length and milk yield of Alpine goat in Slovenia (Full manuscript)
Drago Kompan

Milk production and composition of „Beni Arouss“ North Moroccan local goat (Full manuscript)
Samira El Otmani

Heritability of persistency traits and their genetic correlations with milk yield and udder morphology in dairy sheep (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Antonello Carta

Genomic selection in French dairy sheep: Main results and design to implement genomic breeding schemes (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Francis Barillet

Genomic evaluation validation test proposed by Interbull is necessary but not sufficient because it does not check the correct genetic trend (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Jean-Michel Astruc

The Norwegian healthier goats project (Presentation as PDFFull manuscript)
Dag Lindheim

Appraisal of the selection plan for scrapie resistance in the Sarda dairy sheep breed (Presentation as PDF Full manuscript)
Sotero Salaris



Introduction and Agenda (B. Wickham)
Animal Identification SC
Interbull SC
Milk Analysis SC
Recording Devices SC

Animal Data Exchange WG
Animal Welfare Recording WG
Dairy Cattle Milk Recording WG
Goat performance recording WG
Interbeef WG
Parentage Recording WG
Performance recording of dairy sheep

Breed Associations TF

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