Kuopio Finland 2006

The page shows the files presented at the 35th ICAR Biennial Session (Kuopio Finland 2006) while the pictures taken at the meeting are available here

Presentations of Kuopio Finland 2006

7 June

Workshop 1: Improving the health traits by recording and evaluation (Chairman: E. Strandberg)


Workshop 2: Manufacturers Showcase (Chairman: F. Armitage)


8 June

Session 2.1: New strategies for milk recording and testing (Chairman: U. Lauritsen)


Session 2.2.1: Performance recording for small ruminants (Chairman: J.M. Astruc)


Session 2.2.2: Performance recording of buffaloes (Chairman: L. Journaux)

  • Genetic gain of milk production in Egyptian buffalo as affected by population size, nucleus size and selection intensity in open nucleus breeding scheme (S.A Abdel-Salam)


Session 3.1: ID techniques (Chairman: R. Pauw)


Session 3.2: Management of recording and evaluation organisations (Chairman: D. Abernety)


Session 3.3: Feeding strategies (Chairman: D. Abernety)


9 June

Session 4: Presentations of SCs, WGs and TFs reports (N. Petreny)


Session 5: New technologies (F. Miglior)


6 June

FAO – ICAR Seminar – Session 1 (Chairman: R. Pauw)


Session 2 (Chairman: A. Speedy)

  • State of art reports from participating countries
  • Belarus (O. Hvostova)
  • Ucraina (D. Mykytyk)
  • Moldova (R. Ciobanu)
  • Armenia (H. Hakobyan)
  • Azerbaijan (T. Atazade)
  • Georgia (L. Ramishvili)
  • Russian Federation
  • Discussion on thematic conclusions & recommend (Chair A. Speedy, FAO)
  • Closing of the seminar (FAO Rep. & R. Pauw)


Meeting of ICAR Reference Laboratory Network (Chairman: O. Leray)

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