Kuopio Finland 2006

The page shows the files (PPT) presented at the 35th ICAR Biennial Session (Kuopio Finland 2006) while:

  • The whole Proceedings are available here, 
  • The pictures taken at the meeting are available here


7 June


Workshop 1: Improving the health traits by recording and evaluation (Chairman: E. Strandberg)

Workshop 2: Manufacturers Showcase (Chairman: F. Armitage)

8 June

Session 2.1: New strategies for milk recording and testing (Chairman: U. Lauritsen)

Session 2.2.1: Performance recording for small ruminants (Chairman: J.M. Astruc)

Session 2.2.2: Performance recording of buffaloes (Chairman: L. Journaux)

  • Genetic gain of milk production in Egyptian buffalo as affected by population size, nucleus size and selection intensity in open nucleus breeding scheme (S.A Abdel-Salam)

Session 3.1: ID techniques (Chairman: R. Pauw)

Session 3.2: Management of recording and evaluation organisations (Chairman: D. Abernety)

Session 3.3: Feeding strategies (Chairman: D. Abernety)

9 June

Session 4: Presentations of SCs, WGs and TFs reports (N. Petreny)

Session 5: New technologies (F. Miglior)

6 June

FAO – ICAR Seminar – Session 1 (Chairman: R. Pauw)

Session 2 (Chairman: A. Speedy)

  • State of art reports from participating countries
  • Belarus (O. Hvostova)
  • Ucraina (D. Mykytyk)
  • Moldova (R. Ciobanu)
  • Armenia (H. Hakobyan)
  • Azerbaijan (T. Atazade)
  • Georgia (L. Ramishvili)
  • Russian Federation
  • Discussion on thematic conclusions & recommend (Chair A. Speedy, FAO)
  • Closing of the seminar (FAO Rep. & R. Pauw)

Meeting of ICAR Reference Laboratory Network (Chairman: O. Leray)

ICAR, Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, 3511 MJ Utrecht, The Netherlands - Email: icar@icar.org