Info on Milk Analysis SC

This page contains basic information on the activities performed by the Milk Analysis Sub-Committee. More specifically, it presents the following items:


Vacant, to be filled

Members of the Sub-Committee

Frederic Dehareng

Frederic Dehareng


Elżbieta Rybicka

Amel Guellouz
Amel Guellouz
Dena Snidall
Dena Snidall
Harrie Van Den Bijgaart
Harrie Van Den Bijgaart

Wenke Friedrichs

Anne-Sofie Ladekjær-Mikkelsen 

Michel Grisé

Oscar Wenzel
Dalia Riaukiene
John Rhoads Philippe Trossat

Silvia Orlandini (ICAR Secretariat)



Documents produced by the MA SC

  1. Terms of Reference  of the Milk Analysis Sub-Committee are available here.
  2. Summary of tasks underway – Account of activities
  3. Technical documents
  4. List of analytical methods
  5. ICAR Reference Laboratory Network
  6. Questionnaires/Surveys:
  7. Workshops

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