Info on Milk Analysis SC

This page contains basic information on the activities performed by the Milk Analysis Sub-Committee. More specifically, it presents the following items:


Vacant, to be filled

Members of the Sub-Committee

Frederic Dehareng

Frederic Dehareng


Elżbieta Rybicka

Amel Guellouz
Amel Guellouz
Dena Snidall
Dena Snidall
Marina Gips
Marina Gips
Harrie Van Den Bijgaart
Harrie Van Den Bijgaart
John Rhoads

Philippe Trossat

Michel Grisé

Oscar Wenzel
Christian Riede
Silvia Orlandini (ICAR Secretariat)
Soren Hansen


Available position within  the MA SC

A call for the Chair of the MA SC is open. The position description is available here.


Documents produced by the MA SC

  1. Terms of Reference  of the Milk Analysis Sub-Committee are available here.
  2. Summary of tasks underway – Account of activities
  3. Technical documents
  4. List of analytical methods
  5. ICAR Reference Laboratory Network
  6. Questionnaires/Surveys:
  7. Workshops
  8. ICAR approval for milk analysers in milk recording:
    • Announcement / Introduction letter.
    • Procedure for the ICAR approval request. 

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