Presentations Aarhus 2013

Files presented at the ICAR Technical Meeting Aarhus (Denmark,  29 – 31 May 2013) are listed below, while the pictures of the event are available here


Wednesday 29 May

Opening Session
Chair: Uffe Lauritsen

Welcome and introduction (Mathiesen, J. C.)

Overview of Danish cattle industry Ekstrand, S)

ICAR General Assembly, Uffe Lauritsen

ADR invitation to Berlin 2014


Session 1: Valid Identification
Chair: Kaivo Ilves

Hansen, O. ft. Challenges in identifying animals in everyday handling

Hogewerf, P. H. Animal Radio Frequency Identification: Low frequency advanced transponder with flexible memory organisation

Saunier, D.. Automations of the operations of measures and control Performance in cattle and dairy goats but also in beef cattle

Gackler, S. ICAR test of permanent plastic ear tags, conventional and EID tags


Session 2: Identification in milk recording
Chair: Jay Mattison

Craven, T. Identification of milk samples and linking to the recorded cow

Erhardt, G. Occurrence of contaminated/carryover samples in automated milking systems

Saunier, D. Ori collector, universal sampler device for Roboting Milking developed by France

Nielsen, N. H. Presentation of Lely Shuttle, Danish attempt for standardized sampler for AMS


Manufacturers showcase
Chair: Brian Wickham

Katz, G. Employing AfiLabTM for commercialized real time, on line milk separation according to its clotting properties

Schcolnik, T. Real time milk analysis: A novel tool for determining dairy cow’s competence for insemination and pregnancy

Inbar, 0. New Product SCR Heatime HR system with Parlor ID Kit

Frandsen, J. Critical Measure Points (KMP) A system to improve use of collected data

Broutin, P. Latest developments and innovations from Bentley Instruments


Thursday 30 May

Session 3: Identification in Reproduction and Functional Traits
Chair: Daniel Abernethy

Fogh, A. Recording of data and identification issues

Bar, D. Possible usage of activity and rumination data as objective health data

Nielsen, P. Electronic recording of data from hoof trimming

Christensen, J. M. & Pedersen, C. A. Abnormal progesterone profiles as a sign of functional imbalance in the transition period


Session 4: Beef recording, Sheep and Goat + ICAR matters
Chair: ICAR Secretariat

Astruc, J. M. Evolution of milk recording in sheep over the last 25 years

Support and use of the online survey of ICAR activities


Parallel session: The increasing demands made on the milk recorded sample multiple analyses and multiple challenges
Chair: Martin Burke

Sievert, S. Milk Recording Samples Multiple Analyses, Multiple Challenges

Lovendahl, P. Standard Protocol for the measurement of Carry Over in ICAR Recording Devices Test Centres

Allain, C. Next Steps; ICAR’s Roadmap for addressing Carry Over for 2014/15



ICAR 2013 Health Data Conference on “Challenges and benefits of health data recording in the context of food chain quality, management and breeding” 30-31 May, 2013

30 May, 2013

General aspects – Part I
Chair: Ole Hansen

Pavon, S. Future challenges concerning animal breeding and consumer protection regulations of interest for this topics and expected developments

Putz, M. The use of health data – perspective of a Ministry

Frandsen, J.: Presentation of Danish system of registration and use of health data (registration, database, data security, herd health contracts,…)

Dupont, N.H. VETSTAT – Monitoring usage of antimicrobials in animals


General aspects – Part II
Chair: Nicolas Gengler

Heringstad, B. Thirty years of health recording in Norway

Pryce, J. Challenges of health data recording – the Australian perspective

Gengler, N. Use of automated systems for recording of direct and indirect data with special emphasis on the use of MIR milk spectra (OptiMIR project)

Pinard, M. Use of health data for research


31 May, 2013

Logistics of recording of health data (standardization and data exchange, data security, data ownership, database,..)
Chair: John Cole

Stock, K. Standardization of health data – ICAR including health key

Kyntäjä, J. Health data recording past, present and future (logistics, ownership,..)

Maltecca, C. Challenges and opportunities for farmer-recorded data in health and welfare selection

Van ‘t Land, B. CRV – example of database and data exchange for health data for the use of farmers and veterinarians


Data validation
Chair: Jennie Pryce

Emanuelson, U. Validation of the Nordic disease databases

Miglior, F. Comparison of different methods to validate a dataset with produce recorded health events

Egger-Danner C. Aspects of validation and data quality of veterinarian diagnoses

Kelton, D. Validation and calculation of incidence rates, benchmarks,…


13:30 15:30: Benefits of health data recording
Chair: Kathrin Stock

Clay, J. The value of health data to dairy farmers in the United States

Obritzhauser, W. Benefits of recording of diagnostic data – veterinarian perspective

Bradley, A. Benchmarking for health from the perspective of consultants

Cole, J. Genomic Evaluation of Dairy Cattle Health


Challenges for health data recording – roundtable with representatives from the different stakeholders and open discussion
Chair: Christa Egger-Danner

M. Hansen: Challenges from the point of view of a farmer

Lefebvre D. Health Data Collection in Canada

David X. The point of view of the AI industry

Moder S. Challenges for health data recording

Mansfeld R. Challenges and Benefits of Health Data Recording

Conclusions and thanks: ICAR representative


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