Puerto Varas 2016, Abstracts and Presentations

Abstracts and presentations of the 40th ICAR Biennial Session held in Puerto Varas, Chile (24 – 28 October 2016) and entitled: “Performance recording as a tool for developing countries”


What is ICAR ? – Martin Burke and Hans Wilmink Abstract Presentation
Overview of Chilean Dairy Sector – Víctor Esnaola, ODEPA Abstract Presentation
REDLAT: Dairy Labs. Network of Iberoamerica & Caribbean – G. Rodríguez Abstract Presentation
Relevance of the Argentinian Holstein Breeding Assoc. On Record Improv. – D. Casanova Abstract Presentation
Implementing MR and Dairy Herd Mngmt. Service in Develop. Countries – H. Monardes Abstract Presentation


OPEN LECTURE #1 -Traceability, the Key for Animal Breeding – Chair: M.N. González

Traceability Program Experience in Uruguay – M.N. González Abstract Presentation
Parental Traceability Through Genomic Tech. – I. Aeschlimann Abstract Presentation
Rumen Monitoring for Improving Cattle Bredding – H. Duran Presentation
Implementation of traceability progress in Developing Countries – M.C. Talbot Abstract Presentation
European Traceability Systems – K. Ilves Abstract Presentation
Chilean Traceability System – N. Alvarado Abstract Presentation
Trazabilidad bovina: un caso de éxito como politica publica – M.N. González Presentation


OPEN LECTURE #2 -Milk Recording in Developing Countries – Chair: J. Kyntäjä

Practical Methodological Aspects of MR and Mngmt. In South Am. – C. Trejo Abstract Presentation
Practical use of Milk Recording Info – J. van der Westhuizen Abstract Presentation
Enhancing the Data Pipeline for Novel Traits in the Genomic Era – F. Miglior Abstract Presentation
Highlights of Cooprinsem DHI Reports – J. Lama Abstract Presentation
Implementación of Dairy Herd Mngmt. Serv. in Ukraine – H. Monardes Abstract Presentation


OPEN LECTURE #3 -What can we found out from a Milk Sampling – Chair: S. Orlandini

Effects of New Technologies Introduction on Canadian DHI – R. Cantin Abstract Presentation
Pregnancy & Disease Detection from Milk Samples – Chr. Egli Abstract Presentation
New Instrument Breefing – S. Kold- Christensen Abstract Presentation
Ketosis Detection in DHI Testing – P. Broutin Abstract Presentation


OPEN LECTURE #4 -Using Records for Improving Breeding Tech. – Chair: M. Olivares

Integration of Farm Oriented Research Projects in Breeding Eval. – B. Lind Abstract Presentation
Factors for Standardizing Lactation Yields to 305-ME Basis in Chile – C. Lizana Abstract Presentation
Prevalence & Impact of S. Ketosis on Lactation in US Dairy Cows – A. Coburn Abstract Presentation
Breeding’s Programs in Beef Cattle in Brazil – C. Franzon Abstract Presentation


OPEN LECTURE #5 -Animal Welfare in Modern Production Systems – Chair: O. Oltra

Animal Welfare Program of Chilean Dairy Consortium – D. Abarzua Abstract Presentation
Lameness Relevance in Dairy Cattle – J. Borkert Abstract
Improving AW and Productivity in Dairy Herds – E. Bombal Abstract Presentation


Experiences of our Member Community – Chair: Hans Wilmink

Directions in Milk Recording – The Challenge of Low Milk Prices – W. McKnee Abstract Presentation
Recent Developments in Latin America Traceability Systems – M.N. González Abstract Presentation
New Structures for Cattle Breeding – Australian Experience – M. Schaffer Abstract Presentation
An European Economic Interest Grouping of Milk Recording Org. – C. Lecomte Abstract Presentation


Challenges and Opportunities – Chair: Brian Wickham

What would I like from ICAR as the Manager of Beef and Lamb Genetics? – G. Alder Presentation
Using Data from Multiple Sources – The reality of Genetic Evaluations – J. Dürr Presentation
Beef Genomics Developments – A. Cromie Abstract Presentation
Parentage SNP Exchange – New Service Developments – T. Roozen Presentation


ICAR – Serving its Members – Chair: Neils Henning Nielsen

The ICAR Brand Story – M. Burke Abstract Presentation
Feed and Gas – R. Verkamp Abstract Presentation
Integrations of New Devices into Animal Recording and ICAR Structures – S. Sievert Abstract Presentation
Full Spectral Approach Fostering the Develop. of New Innovative Concepts – G. Scott Abstract Presentation
ICAR’s Service to Connect the ICAR Milk Laboratories Globally – S. Orlandini Abstract Presentation




TS 1 –. How can you use genomics? Chairperson: T. Roozen

The benefits of genotyping at farm level and the impact across the wider dairy herd in Ireland
Kevin Downing
Abstract Presentation
Genotyping is the base of data driven dairy farming.
Laurens Van Keulen
Abstract Presentation
French genomic experience: genomics for all ruminant species.
Eric Vernot
Abstract Presentation 
Setting up a female genomic reference population for German Holstein
Reinhard Reents
Abstract Presentation
Development and validation of genomic breeding values for heat tolerance in Holstein cattle
Gert Nieuwhof
Abstract Presentation
Experiences in the use of genomics in ruminants in Uruguay
Ignacio Aguilar
Abstract Presentation


TS 2 – Manufacturers Showcase. Chairperson: S. Sievert

Ketosis screening in the frame of DHI testing – Usability and experience from around the globe
Daniel Schwarz (Foss)
Abstract Presentation
Interpretation of results from milk samples tested for mastitis bacteria with Mastit 4 qPCR test from DNA Diagnostic
Jørgen Katholm (DNA Diagnostic)
Abstract Presentation
Differential Cell Count as a Biomarker for Mastitis Screening – A Review
Daniel Schwarz (Foss)
Abstract Presentation
Genetic and phenotypic analysis of Israeli Holstein milk, fat and protein production as determined by the AfiLab real- time analyzer
Yaniv Lavon (ICBA)
Abstract Presentation
A new highly effective method for milk infrared spectra standardization and worldwide equivalence
Pierre Broutin (Bentley)
Abstract Presentation
Introduction of new mid- FTIR Herd Management Tools for early warnings of nutritional and health issues in dairy cows
Wopke Beukema (Delta Instruments)
Abstract Presentation


TS 3 – Milk Analysis, What´s Next?. Chairperson: G. Scott

Some Lessons Learned Analyzing Nucleic Acids in Milk.
Todd Byrem
Abstract Presentation
Detailed milk fatty acid profiling of the Danish cattle population.
Niels Henning Nielsen
Abstract Presentation
OptiMIR: Use of MIR spectra to predict multiple cow status as advisory tools for dairy farms.
Frederic Dehareng
Abstract Presentation
ICAR/IDF project “Reference System for Somatic Cell Counting” as example to promote global analytical equivalence”.
Silvia Orlandini
Abstract Presentation
Assessing fertility and welfare of dairy cows through novel mid- infrared milk- based biomarkers.
Hammami Hedi
Abstract Presentation



TS 4 – Monitoring Functional Traits in Performance Recording Systems. Chairperson C. Egger Danner

Updated guidelines for the recording, evaluation, and genetic improvement of udder health in dairy cattle.
John B. Cole
Abstract Presentation
Guidelines for the validation and use of claw health data
Noureddine Charfeddine
Abstract Presentation
Selection Against Metabolic Diseases
Bjorg Heringstad
Abstract Presentation
Monitoring of dairy cattle health in the Czech Republic
Jiri Bauer
Abstract Presentation
Health recording systems: possible new valorizations of events recorded by breeders
Xavier Bourrigan
Abstract Presentation
On farm recording of novel traits – genetic parameters and recommendations
Karl Zottl
Abstract Presentation


TS 5 – Supporting Technologies for Animal Production Collecting Data. Chairperson: S. Sievert

The new connectivity needs of the French dairy farms
Clement Allain
Abstract Presentation
Connecting on- farm systems to improve management and genetic level of the herd
Frido Hamoen
Abstract Presentation
Online tools for optimization of herd management – recent developments for Austrian dairy farmers
Markus Koblmüller
Abstract Presentation
Test day milk yield and composition records are affected by deviations in milking intervals in overly simplified recording
Jonas Persson
Abstract Presentation
Comparison of in – line milk meters to herd testing for management and genetic evaluation
Bevin Harris
Abstract Presentation
Recording grazing time of dairy cows in AMS farms with the Lifecorder+® sensor
Clement Allain
Abstract Presentation


TS 6 – Milk Recording: A Tool to improve Dairy Production. Chairpersons: Pavel Bucek and Neil Petreny

Milk Recording Guidelines 2016; New Standards for a New Era
Juho Kyntäjä
Abstract Presentation
Quality Management Systems for Dairy Farming – Opportunity and Challenges for Recording Organizations
Karl Zottl
Abstract Presentation
AMS in Germany – Data Processing in Milk Recording
Kai Kuwan
Abstract Presentation
Management of Milk Recording Organizations – Current Problems and Future Challenges
Pavel Bucek
Abstract Presentation
Phenotyping New Traits by Mid Infrared Spectrophotometry; a way to improve milk quality and dairy’s cows’ Management
Marine Gele
Abstract Presentation
Overview of Milking Schemes Evolution due to Technological and Economical Changes over the last 30 years
Sophie Mattalia
Abstract Presentation
Milk Recording Reform in Finland – was it worth it?
Juho Kyntäjä
Abstract Presentation


TS 7 Improving Production in Small Ruminants. Chairperson: J.-.M. Astruc

Estimation of dispersion parameters for test- day milk traits of the Bovec sheep in Slovenia
Mojca Simèiè
Abstract Presentation
Phenotyping and selecting for genetic resistance to gastro- intestinal parasites in sheep: the case of the Manech French
Jean-Michel Astruc
Abstract Presentation


TS 8 – Role of Breeding Associations in Animal Improvement. Chairpersons: M. Schaffer and S. Harding

Standardized Labelling for Genetic Trait Coding
Suzanne Harding
Abstract Presentation
The Breeding Association role in the Development of the Bulgarian Rhodope Cattle
Vasil Nikolov
Abstract Presentation
Use of Conformation Traits in Animal Breeding
Gerben De Jong
Abstract Presentation
Interests of Quality Management System Implementation by France Genetique Elevage with 60 Local Organizations for Parentage Certification
Carine Megneaud
Abstract Presentation


TS 9 – Enhance Beef Production with Recording Systems. Chairperson: A. Cromie

Effects of Genetic Gains in the Irish beef maternal replacement index on greenhouse gas emissions
Cheryl Quinton
Abstract Presentation
Implementation of French national genetic evaluation of beef cattle temperament from field data
Eric Venot
Abstract Presentation
Effective utilization of genomic technologies for national and international genetic improvement of beef cattle. Challenges and opportunities
Rob Banks
Abstract Presentation
Challenges/opportunities for performance recording and genetic evaluations in South America
Elly Navajos
Abstract Presentation


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