Presentations Bourg-en-Bresse 2011

Summaries of the Sessions are available here , while the list of presentations and PDF files are hereby listed

Satellite Workshop by Interbeef

National beef recording and improvement scheme
Beef production in Spain, C. Diaz
Optical electronic system for chest and girth estimation: a new tool for beef performance recording in Italy, M. Fioretti
Beef performance in Italy, M. Fioretti
Report on beef cattle in France, L. Griffon
Country report from Czech Republic, Lubos
UK beef genetic evaluations, K. Moore
Country update: Ireland, T. Pabiou

Wednesday, June 22nd – General assembly & workshop


Welcome in Rhone-Alpes Region, X. David
Welcome to 2011 ICAR Workshop, J. Mattison
France Genetique Elevage, P.L. Gastinel.
FranceAgriMer in International markets, P. Germain
French Livestock: Genetics and territories, P. Amé

General Assembly

President’s Report
Secretary General’s Report

Session 1 – New technologies in performance recording: imaging, automation, PDA, RFID

Current situation‐issues and challenges on data exchange in agriculture in the EU, (Agriexchange, 7th FP) Henri Holster (NL)
The use of electronic identification for small ruminants in France, Louise Marguin (FR)
Cattle RFID opportunities and challenges, Pieter H. Hogewerf (NL)
Recording claw disorders electronically, Johannes Frandsen (DK)
Silent Herdsman: the heat detection system for the 21st century, Ivan Andonovic (GB)
FCEL at the heart of the development of performance milk recording, David Saunier (FR)
Lactocorder system in France, Tilman Hoefelmayr (CH)

Wednesday, June 22nd – General assembly & workshop

Session 2 – Phenotyping of complex traits

Global perspectives on trait ontology and phenotyping of livestock : examples from functional genomics and modeling in beef‐producing animals, Jean‐François Hocquette (FR)
ATOL : a new ontology for livestock Catherine Hurtaud (FR)
Registration of health traits – strategies of phenotyping, aspects of data quality and possible benefits, Christa Egger‐Danner (AT)
Phenotyping the reproduction function in cattle: inputs from functional genomics and epigenetics, Claire Ponsart (FR)
Phenotyping that maximizes the value of genotyping, Mike Coffey (GB)

Thursday, June 23rd – Workshop

Session 3 – New genomic tools for selection and management

Introduction, Reinhard Reents (DE)
State of the art of genomics for selection, Didier Boichard (FR)
Plans of the future activities of Interbull in genomics, Joao Dürr (Interbull center)
Potential applications of genomic information beyond breeding, Marco Winters (GB)
Research and development in nutrigenomics, Mark Gaffney (IE)

Session 4 – Milk analysis : new technologies, developments, interest criteria for man, breeding and management

Introduction, Olivier Leray (FR)
Optimir new tool for a more sustainable dairy sector, Frederic Dehareng (BE)
Harmonisation of milk analysers for fatty acid determination by FTMIR – An essential step prior to collective data use, Olivier Leray (FR)
Calibration monitoring and control approach for multi devices analytic system performing in rough environment, Gil Katz (IL)
Applied FT‐IR is a highly potential technology for uncovering new valuable herd management and breeding information, Steen Kold‐Christensen (DK)

Thursday, June 23rd – Workshop

Certificate of Quality Workshop

Introduction, Franck Armitage (ICAR secretary)
The benefits of the Certificate and lessons learnt, Folkert Onken (DE)
The experiences of an auditor and applicant, Pavel Bucek (CZ)
The role of the auditor and lessons learnt, Franz Schallerl (AT)
The benefits of the Certificate to our organisation, Martina Rafajova (SK)

Session 5 – New approaches in management of recording activities how to demonstrate benefits of herd recording? How to make our business attractive?

Farmers requests for new skilled services, Jean‐Pierre Lemonnier (FR)
Herd performance benchmarks: graphic presentations of dairy farm performance relative to cohort herds, Peter D. Giacomini (US)
Software offer from French farmers’ organizations to support livestock activities, René Rognant (FR)
Feedstuff NIR analysis in farm to growth herd recording activity, Alberto Barbi (IT)
Global Management of Milk Recording Service with FIDOCL, Jean‐Marie Nicolas (FR)


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