ICAR Technical Series #14

Farm animal breeding, identification, production recording and management. Proceedings of the 37th ICAR Biennial Session
Riga, Latvia 31 May – 4 June 2010
Editors: E. Skujina, E. Galvanoska, O. Leray and C. Mosconi
November 2010
ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-10-3

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The single manuscripts that compose the Proceedings are available hereby:


Small dairy ruminants session – Chairman: J.-M. Astruc


Breeding technologies – Chairman: P.L. Gastinel


ID techniques and market requirement – Chairman: O.K. Hansen


Improving health and fertility in dairy cattle – Chairman: E. Strandberg


Beef production and recording – Chairman: B. Wickham


Milk recording – Chairman: F. Schaller


Management of recording and evaluation organisations – Chairman: M. Winters


Southern hemisphere opportunities – Chairman: P. van Rooyen


New technologies – Chairman: J. Mattison


Sub-Committee for Milk Analysis: Reference Laboratory Network – Chairman: O. Leray


Manufacturers Showcase – Chairman: Frank Armitage


Reports of the ICAR Sub-Committees and Working Group






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