Berlin 2014: Functional Traits WG theatre presentations

The page shows the files presented at the Berlin 2014 Functional Traits Working Group Meeting on claw health. In fact, one of the main topic of the ICAR Functional Traits Working Group was focussing on feet and legs problems.


functional-traits meeting in Berlin 2014: theatre presentations

A meeting with experts on claw trimming was organized in connection with the ICAR 2014 Biennial Session. Contributions on the current status of documentation and recording on claw health in 10 countries were presented. The need for international harmonization and collaboration was evident to all the participants, and cooperation was initiated.

The following files were presented and the need for common collaboration was underlined

Motivation / reason for initiative of this meeting

  • increased importance of animal health in the context of reduction of costs as well as food safety (microbials,..)
  • in cattle breeding the need for working on genetic improvement of feet and legs problems is increasing
  • special interest in claw health (results of recent surveys,..)
  • different countries are starting initiatives and research within this topic
  • ICAR works on standardisation and recording of traits to enable genetic improvement (guidelines,..)

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