ICAR Technical Series #19

Performance recording in the genotyped world. Proceedings of the ICAR Technical Meeting
Krakow, Poland, 10-12 June 2015
Editors: Z. Kowalski, N. Petreny, M. Burke, P. Bucek, L. Journaux, M. Coffey, C. Hunlun and D. Radzio
November 2015
ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-15-4

The whole issue containing the Proceedings is available here, while the single manuscripts that compose the Proceedings are listed hereby


Session 1 – What else can we learn from milk samples?


Session 2 – Advisory services built on recording data


Session 3 – Manufacturers showcase


Session 4 – Milk recording in cattle, meat and fibre performance in sheep, goats and beef cattle


Session 5 – Genomics at farm and phenotyping strategies


Session 6 – Certificate of Quality Auditors’ Workshop


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