Application form for ICAR analysis software

  • The ICAR’s Measuring, Recording and Sampling Devices Sub-Committee is responsible for the ICAR Guidelines as well as for the test and approval of milk recording devices. The testing is conducted by our ICAR authorized Test Centers and administered by ICAR. The statistical analysis software used by the authorized Test Centre for approving Milk Recording Devices is owned by ICAR.

    To help our Members and Associate Members to better understand and be more prepared for the ICAR testing, the Sub-Committee makes this software accessible to ICAR Members and Associate Members, provided that you agree to the Software Sharing Provisions below.

  • Software sharing provisions

    1. The analysis software is to be used for the purposes of testing milk recording devices only.
    2. This analysis software is to be used exclusively and solely by the undersigned. Undersigned has the responsibility to report staffing changes when they happen. ICAR will carry out a periodic review of the list of software users for verification. This software shall not be passed to or shared with any other person or third party
    3. If the undersigned changes business names (name change, acquisition by another company or organisation) a new release is required.
    4. The analysis software shall not be sold or used for commercial purposes by the undersigned.
    5. The analysis software shall not be reproduced or copied.
    6. The analysis software is for internal use only, results of this analysis software are not part of an official ICAR test and there is no device certification implied or granted based on the results from the use of the software.
    7. In case of publication of results obtained by using this tool, ICAR will be acknowledged as the source.
    8. Usage of ICAR’s statistical software is at own risk. ICAR accepts no liability with respect to any resulting deductions, statements or reports based on the use of this tool.
    9. Undersigned gives consent to receive emails from ICAR related to the software, ICAR meetings and from the ICAR Milk Recording and Sampling Devices Sub-Committee.

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