Results of the milk laboratories Proficiency Test – March 2017

The page shows the participating milk laboratories to the ICAR Proficiency Test had in March 2017. The Reports produced in this round are available hereby.

Participating to the PT Milk laboratories in march 2017



Table 1. Participating milk laboratories to the ICAR Proficiency Test (March 2017)

Laboratory Country
Department Valorisation des productions Agricoles Belgium
ILVO Belgium
Central Milk Testing Lab Canada
Horizon Lab Ltd Canada
Pacific Milk Analysis Canada
Valacta – Centre d’Expertise en Production Laitière du Québec Canada
Shangai Dairy Breeding Center Co.Ltd China
Croatian Agricultural Agency, Central Laboratory for Milk Quality Control Croatia
Milkom a.s Dairy Research institute Czech Republic
Eurofins Steins Laboratory A/S Denmark
Cattle Information Service (CIS) England
Estonian Livestock Performance Recording Ltd Estonia
Valio Finland
Actalia France
Milchprüfring Baden-Württemberg e.V. Germany
Teagasc Food research Center Ireland
Central Milk Lab ICBA Israel
Federazione Latterie Alto Adige Soc. Agr. Coop. Italy
Laboratorio Standard Latte Italy
Japan Dairy Technical Association Japan
BIOR Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Enviroment Latvia
Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Enviroment BIOR Latvia
Laboratorium Oceny Mleka KCHZ Laboratorium Referecyjne z/s w Parzniewie Poland
PFHBiPM Laboratorium w Bialymstoku zs.w jezewie Starym Poland
PFHBiPM Laboratorium w Kobiernie Poland
PFHBiPM Laboratorium w Parzniewie Poland
PFHBiPM Region Oceny Bydgoszcz z/s w Minikowie Poland
LRV-Laboratorio Regional de Veterinaria Portugal
Holstein Romania Breeders Association Laboratory Romania
Laboratorija za ispitivanje kvaliteta mleka, Poljoprivredni fakultet Novi Sad, Serbia
University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Science Institute of Dairy Science and Probiotics Slovenia
Merieux NutriScience South Africa
Merieux Nutriscience South Africa South Africa
Merieux Nutriscience South Africa (Midrand) South Africa
Laboratorio Agroalimentario de Santander Spain
LIGAL Edificio de Laboratorio Agrarios Spain
Delaval international AB Sweden
Eurofins Steins Laboratory A/B Sweden
Agroscope Institute for food Sciences IFS Switzerland
Taiwan Livestock Research Insitute Taiwan
Qlip B.V., The Netherlands
Eastern Lab services USA


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