Deep Validation Control (DVC)

The Deep validation Control (DVC) service, originally developed by Plant-ID, is finalised to the tracking of the transponders and the matching of the ID number with the correspondent manufacturer. It is finalised to facilitate the identification of devices used in pets and in farm animals and it is based both on the ICAR codes and on the country codes used in certain regions.

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Pets and farm animals are labeled with an Injectable transponder/Ear tag/Tag attachments/Boluses. This animal transponder (popularly and erroneously called microchip or chip) must be produced in accordance with ISO 11784 (Coding of Number) and ISO 11785 (Communication between reader and transponder). These are the fundamental practices that must be considered for a technically harmonized and globally functioning system.

A transponder must be conform to the standards mentioned above and to the their related criteria. The country code must be valid, the manufacturer must be traceable and the transponder must be approved according to the standards.

ISO has designated ICAR as the Registration Authority (RA) to register and publish manufacturers and product codes used for electronic animal identification (RFID) in the context of ISO 11784 and ISO 11785.

DVC also checks if the transponder code has a valid country code according to ISO 3166 or if it is identified with an approved manufacturer code that always starts with 9xx. 9xx is the manufacturer code issued by the Registration Authority. DVC checks if the transponder has a full or a split manufacturer code, if the assignment code issued by the registration authority is valid, and if the code used is in the number range assigned to the manufacturer by the registration authority.

This manufacturer code is assigned to the manufacturer after the first successful test of a transponder according to ISO 24631-1 together with the product code. Any other type of transponder sold on the market must also be tested in accordance with ISO 24631-1 in a laboratory approved by the registration authority. The positive result will be listed on the website of the registration authority.

When using the country code, the uniqueness of the number is the responsibility of the country and the country code must be managed by a national body that provides a clear structure for using the code. Every manufacturer is obliged to maintain a database that ensures the traceability of each number across all stages of production and to the first point of sale.

The green traffic light indicates that your pet is labeled with a valid ISO compliant animal transponder.

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