RFID devices and notes

ICAR certifications for RFID devices fall into two categories:

  1. Full certification: ICAR certification for Device Composition and Environmental Performance, including Conformance with ISO standards 11784 and 11785
  2. ICAR certification for Conformance with ISO standards 11784 and 11785

ICAR certified RFID

The ICAR certified RFID are available in the following pages

    1. RFID devices with Full certification
    2. RFID devices for Conformance certification
    3. The ICAR Registry of RFID Devices with ISO

Notes on the allocation of shared vs. unshared Manufacturer Codes

  • The allocation of a shared manufacturer code (900) accompanies the first successful conformance test of an electronic device and its registration by ICAR as a device conforming to ISO standards 11784 and 11785.
  • Along with the 900 code, the manufacturer receives a restricted set of one million identification codes for exclusive use with the shared manufacturer code. The identification codes in combination with the shared manufacturer code are unique.
  • When the manufacturer has sold a minimum of one million certified transponders per year for two consecutive years, then he can apply for an unshared manufacturer code.
  • Hence, the only difference between a manufacturer who has a shared code vs. one who has an unshared code, is the sales volume and not the quality of the products.
  • This is only a summary and for accurate and complete information please reference ICAR’s guidelines Section 10.2.8 – Granting and use of a manufacturer code.
Note 1

ICAR certification is valid for five years from the last date of issuance

Note 2

ICAR registers RFID devices in conformance with ISO11784 and ISO11785 in its capacity as the Registration Authority of ISO. The registration is valid for the lifetime of the device. ICAR certification is an additional service and is valid for five years from the last day of issuance.


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