Application forms for testing of ID Devices

Testing of electronic identification devices conforming to ISO standards 11784 and 11785 is done according to ISO standard 24631, parts 1 – 4. This standard was published in August 2009 and thereby replacing the previous ICAR test protocols used since 1995. The test procedures in the two sets of documents are identical, which means that the tests performed and approvals given in the years 1995 to 2009 under the ICAR test protocols are still valid under the ISO 24631 standard.

The ISO standards on animal identification above referenced are available in the ISO store:

Application for testing

Application forms etc. for testing can be downloaded from the below links:

  • Annex A1. Application for a test of ISO RFID conformance of transponders
  • Annex A2. Application for a manufacturer code allocation
  • Annex A3 . Code of conduct
  • Annex A4. Application for a RFID transponder performance test
  • Annex A5. Application for RFID transceiver Conformance test (ISO 24631-2)
  • Annex A6. Application for RFID transceiver Performance test (ISO 24631-4)
  • Annex B1. Application form for ICAR test on official permanent identification devices: conventional plastic ear tags with or without machine readable printing
  • Annex B2. Application form for Device Change Notification of conventional plastic ear tags modified during the 5-year certification
  • Annex C1. Application form for ICAR test on composition and environmental performance of external RFID devices
  • Annex C2. Application form for Device Change Notification of external RFID devices during the five-year certification
  • Annex D1. Application for animal identification device validation test

Please note that first time applicants have to sign also application for a (shared) manufacturer code and the Code of Conduct. These documents are included in the form packet for ISO 24631, part 1.

Once you have filled in the necessary documents , please email them to Elena Couto (

ICAR, Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, 3511 MJ Utrecht, The Netherlands - Email: