Board composition

The ICAR Board is composed by a maximum of 11 persons.

Five members (the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer and a Secretary) of the Board constitute the Executive Board. The two Inspectors, and the Chief Executive do not form part of the Board but participate to the meetings of the Board upon invitation

Board Composition

  • President: Hans Wilmink
    P.O. Box 454
    The Netherlands
    (Executive Board Member)

Hans Wilmink

  • Vice-President: Jay Mattison
    National Dairy Herd Improvement Association, 421 S Nine Mound Road PO Box 930398,
    53593-0398 Verona, WI, USA
    (Executive Board Member)

Jay Mattison

  • Vice-President: Kaivo Ilves
    Estonian Animal Recording Center
    Kreutzwaldi st. 48A, Tartu
    (Executive Board Member)

Kaivo Ilves

  • Treasurer: Laurent Journaux
    France Genétique Elevage
    149, Rue de Bercy
    Paris Cedex 12
    (Executive Board Member)

Laurent Journaux

  • Member: Bevin Harris
    LIC, Animal Evaluation Unit
    Private Bag 3016
    New Zealand

Bevin Harris

  • Member: Jorge Lama
    Manuel Rodriguez 1040
    5310696 Osorno

Jorge Lama

  • Daniel Lefebvre
    555 boul. des Anciens-Combattants
    Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
  • Member: Bianca Lind
    Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Rinderzüchter e.V. (ADR)
    Adenauerallee 174
    (Secretary Executive Board Member)

Bianca Lind

Niels Henning Nielsen

Japie van der Westhuizen

Martin Burke

  • Inspector: Josef Kucera Czech Moravian Breeder’s Corporation Inc.
    Czech Republic

Josef Kucera

  • Inspector: Neil Petreny
    Canadian DHI c/o Ontario DHI, 660 Speedvale Av. W., Suite 101,
    N1K 1E5 Guelph,
    Ontario, Canada

Neil Petreny


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