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The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) which was formed on March 9th, 1951, in Rome. Our original scope was to harmonise milk recording methods, calculation procedures and formulation of results. Since then ICAR has gone on to be “The” international guideline reference for animal identification, recording systems, data analysis and genetic evaluation.ICAR Logo bleu

Through the work of our Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces, ICAR is the only truly independent organisation to deliver certifications and standardised practical guidelines for the development of the animal recording, production and breeding sector at a global level.

ICAR is composed of 117 Members from 59 countries. Its Members are involved in different areas of the animal production sector ranging from breed associations to herd management organisations, milk and genetic laboratories, industry service providers, public research centres and competent authorities. ICAR is a platform for sharing information and best practices between members. We share and learn from each others’ experiences as we exchange ideas and technologies.

Through our International Annual Conferences and our Guideline updates, ICAR disseminates best practices in the field of animal identification, recording systems, data analysis and genetic evaluation. It is only through the application of such best recording and breeding practices, can we ensure we have a sustainable and resilient food supply for tomorrow’s world.

ICAR launched the September 2016 Proficiency Test for milk laboratories

ICAR organized of the second round of ICAR Proficiency Test 2016 in September with additional parameters now available for inclusion (here...)

40th ICAR Session, Puerto Varas (Chile) 24-28 October 2016

The 40th ICAR Biennial Session in 2016 will be organised by COOPRINSEM in Puerto Varas (Chile). The site is already available ...

Launched the accreditation for genetic laboratories (STRs, SNPs)

ICAR launched the call for laboratories accreditation for "STRs and SNPs based parentage testing in cattle" for the year 2016. Deadline: 5 Sept.

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