Interbeef Meeting in Salzburg March 2016. Minutes and presented files

The page presents the minutes and the presentations of the Interbeef Meeting held in Salzburg (Austria) on 8-9 March 2016


The minutes of the meeting of the Working Group are available here while the minutes of the meeting of the Technical Group are available here

Presented files at the Interbeef Meeting in Salzburg (Austria) on 8-9 March 2016 are the following:

  1. SIM test run aww
  2. Interbeef International Evaluations (Routine evaluations; Test evaluations; Files and file formats; Calendar for evaluations; Service calendar 2016)
  3. Interbeef Code of Practice
  4. Interbeef Database
  5. Beef checks and edits
  6. Interbull updates
  7. Genoex-PSE
  8. Irelands beef data and genomics scheme
  9. Interbeef routine evaluations for AWW
  10. Genetic evaluation summary material and result validation
  11. Invalid ID in idea
  12. Publication of maternal effect of AWW
  13. Development of international beef genetic evaluations for calving traits
  14. French (quick) feed back on first calving implementation run
  15. Ireland summary on Interbeef calving
  16. Interbeef R & D – PROJECT International GE for Fertility Traits – Genetic parameters
  17. Update on Xbred


Key actions

Key actions from the meeting were as follows

  1. Proceed with a pilot project for Simmental, including data call (end April) and parameter estimation. First results to be presented in Chile (October 2016) with target of having a first official run in 2017.
  2. Service calendar agreed based on two official runs (with publication dates of mid March and early November) and one test run (with a publication date of mid-June).
  3. Proceed with a test run for CHA and LIM (for AWW), using cross-bred data.
  4. Update “code of practice” document based on feedback and forward to Interbeef members for comments/feedback.
  5. Forward latest draft GenoEx-PSE service document to Interbeef members for comment/feedback.
  6. Continue discussions with potential new member countries.
  7. Establish a small working group to identify ways of making the ICAR/Interbeef service available to more countries, especially those that do not have their own national genetic evaluations.

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