Agenda Interbeef meeting Berlin May 2014

Agenda Interbeef meeting  Berlin May 2014, Germany on Tuesday 20th May, 2014 h. 14:00 – 18:00 (Room 30410, Estrel Hotel)

Agenda Interbeef meeting  Berlin May 2014

Interbeef Working Group: Members and observers at the invitation of the Chairperson.

1. Welcome & Introduction – Brian Wickham

2. Agreement of Agenda

3. Minutes of Meeting 21st November, 2013 held in Prague and Matters Arising
a. Logo protection
b. Nordic countries decision to work as one population c. Papers for WCGALP

4. Technical Committee
a. Report – Joao Durr
b. Approval of Terms of Reference
c. Election of Chairperson

5. Workplan:
a. Evaluation Service – Charolais & Limousin for Weaning weight – Progress Report Interbull Centre (Joao Durr).
1. Feedback from Uppsala workshop
2. Publication rules
3. Official – yes or no
b. Research report covering variance component estimation and use of cross bred data in weaning weight evaluations – Thierry Pabiou.
c. Research on development of international beef genetic evaluations for Calving traits – Zdenka Vesela.
d. Research on international beef genetic evaluations for carcass traits – Kirsty Moore.
e. Development of international beef genetic evaluations for female fertility traits – Friedrich Reinhardt.

6. Finances
a. Fees for 2014
b. Data for other countries through an existing service user

7. Interbeef Priorities
a. New breeds – Simmental
b. New trait sets – calving, carcass, female fertility
c. New service – pedigree exchange – proposal from Denmark

8. Future Meetings
a. Genomics Workshop Proposal
b. WG Meetings.

9. Guidelines
a. Use of international ID for imported animals and their ancestors – proposal from Denmark

10. AOB

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