Genetic Analysis

During  the 40th ICAR Biennial Session held in Puerto Varas (October 2016), the duties of the Genetic Analysis Working group were relieved by the new DNA Working Group

Genetic Analysis Working Group


Wim van Haeringen

André Eggen, AgriGenomics, EMEA, illumina France SARL, France
Bianca Lind, Bundesverband Rind und Schwein e. V., (Germany) Bianca Lind
Raffaele Mazza, LGS, (Italy) Raffaele Mazza
Romy Morrin-O’Donnell, Weatherbys, (Ireland)
Marco Winters, DairyCo, (United Kingdom) Marco Winters
Brian Wickham (Agenda Member)


ICAR Accreditation for laboratories for parentage testing in cattle

ICAR annually accredits laboratories for cattle parentage verification by SNPs and STRs.

The rules and instructions for laboratory accreditation for “Microsatellite based parentage testing” and “SNP-based parentage testing” in cattle are available here

For both of the above accreditation, applicants have to provide the ISAG membership number

The list of accredited laboratories for parentage verification in cattle is available here. ICAR reminds that the accreditation is valid for two years


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