Certified milk meters

  • All ICAR certified devices must be tagged with a non-removable label issued by ICAR. The label contains the name of the manufacturer, name of the device, year of approval, species identification, mounting position and ICAR logo.
  • The instructions on how to perform the “Periodic checking of certified meters. Hints for the sample taker and farmer” can be downloaded here


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N. Brand Device Meter Species Mounting position Picture Year of approval Notes Routine check User manual
929 InterPuls S.p.A ACR Smart MMV Cattle Low Line 2018 open open
943 Interpuls S.p.A. iMilk 600 MMV Cattle Low Line 2018 open open
944 Interpuls S.p.A. iMilk 600HD MMV Cattle Low Line 2018 open open

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